How to Connect Mobile to MI TV?

In this digital era, smart TVs are seen in every house. Connecting these smart android TVs to mobile phones has become child’s play now everyone knows how to connect mobile to mi tv or any other smart tv. There are two methods of watching videos and photos on the big screen. The first method is you can connect your mobile phone to your screen and share all the data. Then you can watch these photos or videos accordingly. This method is so time-consuming and complicated. If you have an android or smart tv. You can easily connect it to your mobile phone and enjoy watching videos, movies, photos, etc. on it.  

How to connect mobile to mi tv via USB cable / How to connect mobile to mi tv without internet 

To connect your mobile phone to mi tv via USB cable follow the instructions given below: 

  1. Prepare your smartphone and micro USB cable to connect.
  2. Now, connect your smart tv with your android phone with the help of a micro USB cable.
  3. Now open the USB setting of your mobile phone and set it to MTP or file transfer mode. 
  4. Now you need to open your smart tv’s media player app. For this, you can press the home button of your tv remote, select media, and then select photo, music, or video according to your wish. 
  5. Now you will see two folders namely category ( content in each folder from smartphone memory) and Generic ( contains photos, videos, and music from the phone’s internal and external memory) 
  6. Now you can select the content with your remote control. 

How to connect mobile to mi tv wireless / How to connect mobile to mi tv via Bluetooth

how to connect mobile to mi tv

To connect your mi tv with your mobile phone via Bluetooth or wireless follows the below-given steps: 

  1. Turn on your mi tv and go to settings.
  2. Select ‘general settings’ and choose the Bluetooth option. 
  3. Turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and search for the mi tv and pair it with your phone.
  4. After the connection is over you can have access to your tv and phone.
  5. Now, you can play something on your phone and it will show up on your mi tv. 

How to connect mobile to mi tv 4a 

Follow the given instructions for doing the same: 

  1. Open Google Photos on your phone and look for the cast button.
  2. Tap on the cast button and select the name of your tv. 
  3. Now casting or screen mirroring will start.
  4. Now, you can open any photo or video on your phone and it will appear on your tv screen. 


How to connect mobile to mi tv Chromecast 

For this, you have to connect your mobile and tv with the same Wi-Fi network, open the google home app on your smartphone, click on caste your screen and select the tv name, start casting. 

How to connect mobile to mi tv stick 

Use the apps section of your tv, click on more icons, select wireless screen sharing,  after this find the cast option in your phone’s setting, search your tv name and start casting. 

How to connect mobile to mi android tv 

You can connect both these devices with many methods namely through micro USB cable, Bluetooth, screencasting, and chrome casting features. 

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