How to Clean Toaster?

A wide range of toasters, comprising different materials like metal, plastic, etc., are available in the market. Nowadays, toasters are more advanced than ever. They can be used in multiple tasks along with toasting a piece of bread. Cleaning a toaster after using it is the most hectic task. Most of the people ask for a question “ How To Clean Toaster ?”

You can choose from a wide range of toasters available in the market, as per your requirement. You can purchase a toaster with small size, precisely working, Long-slot or an overall one. The whole choice of choosing the ideal toaster depends upon you. If you are searching for an appliance that can bake and toast simultaneously, then a toaster will be a perfect option for you.

Cleaning the toaster can be a challenging task if not done with the proper method. In this article, we have discussed methods for cleaning a toaster efficiently and precisely. So let’s start. How to clean toaster.

How To Clean Toaster?

how to clean toaster

When it comes to cleaning a toaster, the answer is simple. You can do that with your regular dishwasher or liquid detergent. You don’t need a special dishwashing liquid for cleaning. For good was, you can open up the toaster. We have discussed the cleaning methods below briefly-

Clean Inside The Toaster

After baking or toasting, you need to clean your toaster. If you didn’t clean, the smell of the baked food would remain inside the toaster. But before cleaning, make sure that you have unplugged the toaster and is cool enough to be washed. After ensuring this:

  1. Turn down the toaster so that the tiny food particles will fall out.
  2. Gently clean your toaster with a dry cloth.
  3. After cleaning, put some liquid detergent and water in the tray of the toaster, and clean the toaster.

After cleaning, make sure to dry the tray & the toaster.

Clean Outside The Toaster

how to clean toaster

A mild detergent and some water will be enough for cleaning the stains in the toaster. However, if there are strong stains on the outside of the customer, you need a strong dishwashing liquid for cleaning. Also, deep colors would take a long time than usual for cleaning. You can go with baking soda, as they are the ideal solution for removing stains. How to clean toaster.

Apart from baking soda, vinegar could be an excellent option for you. You can use a tiny amount of vinegar with a dry cloth to remove stains. Also, after buying a new toaster, make sure to clean it properly. The cleaning procedure of a new toaster is not that hectic and long.


Is it safe to clean the toaster with water?

 Yes, it is safe to wash your toaster with water. But before cleaning, unplug the toaster from the socket and leave it for some time to cool. Also, you can use a dry or microfiber cloth before washing it with water.