How to Clean Electric Kettle?

Having an electric kettle is one of the blessings in modern times. There is no need to turn the gas stove on and boil water or drinking, soup, tea, or coffee.

How to clean electric kettle?

how to clean electric kettle

The electric kettle makes things easy for people. Many times people have a difficult time cleaning it. There are many ways on how to clean electric kettle and extend its life more because: cleaning is something that can add lifespan to things.

Therefore for people who are having a hard time cleaning the electric kettle, here are a few ways on how to clean electric kettle:

Use vinegar for cleaning

White vinegar is one of the best solutions for cleaning an electric kettle. To use vinegar, one has to first add water to the electric kettle till it is half-filled.

After the eater, one can add white vinegar to the kettle and fill it till the kettle is 3/4 filled: start the kettle. Keep the solution boiling till the kettle turns off automatically. If the kettle doesn’t turn off, wait till the 20-minute mark and turn it off manually.

After it’s turned off, one can drain the solution after 20 minutes and rinse the kettle with normal water to clean it properly.

Use lemon juice or citric powder

Another popular way to clean an electric kettle is to use lemon juice or citric powder. One can use either one of them.

To get started, one can fill the kettle 50% with water and fill the rest with lemon juice. If lemon juice isn’t available, use two tablespoons of citric powder in a half-filled kettle.

Start the kettle and let the solution boil well for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, one can throw the solution away and rinse it again.

One can disassemble it

how to clean electric kettle

One of the best ways to clean an electric kettle thoroughly is by disassembling it. Although, one should have few tools like screwdrivers and know to assemble them back to use this method.

One can simply use a screwdriver of the right size to disassemble the electric kettle and use a smooth cloth or a sponge to light clean it.

Although, make sure that one doesn’t use water on the parts that conduct electricity. Later after thoroughly cleaning the kettle, one can assemble it again and check if it is working properly, else one will have to check again.


How often should one clean the electric kettle?

The answer to this question depends on how often one uses the kettle. If one uses a kettle daily for tea or coffee, cleaning it once a week from inside might be a good practice or just cleaning once a month is enough for people who don’t use it more than twice a week.

Although one can clean the exterior of the kettle daily to keep it tidy and spotless, the exterior is made of fiber or plastic and won’t have any problems if cleaned daily.


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