How to Charge Laptop Without Charger?

It can be frustrating when you don’t have a charger and your laptop is about to die. For this, you must know how to charge laptop without charger. There are various techniques that will help you with this problem, but some of them are risky.

There are other techniques too that are harmless and can help you with your troublesome situation. A Power bank is the best way by which you can charge the laptop without worry. If you don’t have a power bank, then it can be hectic for you to recharge the laptop. You can try the following ways to charge your laptop if you don’t have your charger.

How to charge laptop without charger and power bank?

how to charge laptop without charger

The safest and the convenient way to charge your laptop without a charger is to use a Type-C adapter. You can choose the adapter of a mobile phone as well to charge your laptop battery with a Type-C port. Type-C comes with a smaller oval shape connecter that is designed for high-power connectivity.

It helps in transferring a greater power at much higher speeds. The intensity of charging the laptop with a Type-C port is similar to that of a power bank. You only have to connect the adapter to a power source and the cable to the laptop’s Type-C port. It is considered much safer because the adapter has a feature of auto shut down when it detects problems like high heating or improper power input.

How to charge laptop without charger port?

how to charge laptop without charger

It is difficult to charge the laptop without a charger port, but it is not impossible. For charging the battery, you first need to take out the battery from your laptop and charge it separately. You have to use an additional type of charger to charge the battery separately.

After charging the battery separately, you can plug it back inside the laptop. It can be risky to detach and reattach the battery, so you can use Type-C as your port to chart the laptop. Another way is to charge your laptop with the help of a car battery. You can use a Type-A to Type-C cable and connect it with the car charger to charge your laptop.


  1. How to charge laptop without charger at home?

You can use a power bank and plug it into your laptop. Another way is to connect the adapter with the power source and further connect it with your laptop’s Type-C port.

  1. How to charge laptop without charger cord?

You can take the battery out of the laptop and charge it with the help of an external charger. If you also split the cells of the battery and charge them with a vape pen, but it will be difficult for a normal man to put them back together.