How Exhaust Fan Works?

Exhaust fans are one of the necessities in the kitchen and other rooms that have humidity or unfresh air. They are ventilators that pull out the populated air from a specific room and freshen it up.

So how exhaust fan works? What are they used for? Are they good for homes? One will find all the answers to these questions below.

What are exhaust fans used for?

In simple words, the exhaust fans are used to purify or accurately, pulling the polluted air from a particular room outside.

how exhaust fan works

The air, which is pulled out or the polluted air, consists of a high amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other fungal spores with a pungent smell.

The rooms which contain high humidity also use exhaust fans to out the humid air and keep the room fresh. The exhaust fans are used in the kitchen to pull out the oily smells, smokes, smog, and other unnecessary polluted air.

They are also used in toilets and bathrooms, which have high humidity to keep them fresh and clean. Although this might look small but having exhaust fans can help one in long term.

If one has a gas heater installed in the bathroom, it produces a small amount of carbon monoxide, which is harmful to human brains. Since the amount produced is tiny, it doesn’t directly affect the brain, but if humans keep on inhaling it daily, it may lead to long-term memory loss.

It is one of the reasons why exhaust fans are necessary, along with other crucial reasons too.

How exhaust fan works?

The principle of how exhaust fan works are simple and straightforward. The exhaust fans are installed in a stationary place or over a wall.

The fan faces outside while the duct is inside. The blades of the fan are titled a bit so that they can push the air outside.

When the electric supply is provided: the blades of the exhaust fan begin to spin because of the motor. Once they reach the maximum speed, the tilted blade starts to push the polluted air out of the room slowly.

how exhaust fan works

This air is replaced by fresh air, which comes from different places and keeps on changing. This way, the room keeps on being fresh whenever an exhaust fan is started.

The blades on the exhaust fans vary from three to five. If one has a big room, the exhaust fan with a high number of blades is preferred while the vice versa for a tiny room.


Are exhaust fans good for homes?

Exhaust fans can be ideal for homes. Not only they will help one keep one’s kitchen clean from toxins and smoke, but they will also help one to keep one’s bathrooms and toilets fresh.

One can install an exhaust fan in at least these three rooms and keep the air inside the house fresh and tidy.


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