How Does Dishwasher Work?

A dishwasher is an automatic machine that washes dirty dishes on its own. It is becoming popular in many Asian countries. It is chosen over the traditional method of dishwashing because it doesn’t require any physical force. This article provides a clear description on how dishwasher works. Generally, when we wash dishes and cutlery through our hands, it requires a lot of physical energy. As you have to scrub gently on each dish. This method is a headache for many working women. As this is a very time-consuming process. A dishwasher does all the work of dishwashing on its own in less time. You can order using certain dishwashers available in the market.

Many dishwashers are budget-friendly. You can choose them as per your demands. There are a lot of options available in the market both offline and online. The best part is you need not worry about the breakage of the cutlery. The dishwasher cleans your dishes more safely and without any loss. So you can trust them over a maid. As by mistake housekeeper can spoil your cutlery but this dishwasher will not. The structure of a dishwasher is similar to an automatic washing machine. It also has certain power buttons like the typical washing machine. The dishwasher has different spaces for delicate dishes and cutlery.

An American scientist named Josephine Cochran invented the first dishwasher in the year 1886. The first automatic dishwasher worked on the principle that you will put dirty dishes in a basket and the machine will clean them. The structure and working of these dishwashers are changed slightly since then. Now we must know about the current model of dishwasher available in the market. This article provides information about the use and working of a modern automatic dishwasher. It will clear all your doubts like how dishwasher works? How a dishwasher drain works? How dishwasher detergent works? And many more. I’m sure you will not have any doubts regarding the dishwasher after reading this article. So let’s proceed.

How Dishwasher Works?

how dishwasher works

A dishwasher works just opposite to the traditional method of washing dishes through your hand. When you wash dishes by hand, the dishwashing gel or soap remains in the bowl. While the dishes keep changing as you scrub them and wash them off. But, in a dishwasher, your dishes are kept still in a basket and a jet of hot water is sprinkled on dirty dishes. The temperature of the water can be adjusted according to the delicacy of the dish’s material. As a pressure jet of water is given to the dishes, you must always keep the doors of the dishwasher closed. If not so, the water will split out from the machine in all directions and will spoil your kitchen’s floor. The dishwasher takes cold water from the hose, gets it down in the machine, and makes it go through the heating elements present at the bottom of the machine. The hot water is then carried upwards through a well-structured pipe system. This hot water is then sprinkled on the dirty dishes are placed in the basket inside the dishwasher. This cycle goes on until all the dishes get completely clean. We will see in detail this whole process of how dishwasher works? Further in the article.

How a dishwasher works step by step?

When we think of a machine that cleans dishes on its own. A complicated process comes into our minds. We suddenly start thinking of a very long mechanism and end up getting confused. But it is not that complicated. Most of the dishwashers work on a simple 8 step formula. Let’s have a look at the working of a dishwasher step by step.

  1. Fill up water: The dishwasher starts its work by taking water from a hose connected to the house’s water tank. It doesn’t fill the whole dishwasher but a tank inside it gets filled.
  2. Water gets heated: The cold water present inside the machine is then heated through a heating element. This heating element is usually present in the basement of the dishwasher.
  3. Addition of detergent: After warming the water. The next step is to add detergent to the partially washed dishes. When it comes to the need by using a detergent. The dishwasher automatically adds it through the timer inside the machine.
  4. Dishes get washed: The hot water and the detergent is pumped into the middle of the dishwasher. They are both sprinkled through a certain pressure. The water and the detergent continue to sprinkle until all the dishes get completely cleaned.
  5. Dirty water is drained: In the next step, the dirty water is then drained off from the machine into the drainage tank present in the basement of the dishwasher.
  6. Rinse the dishes: After scrubbing completely with help of detergent. Water is again sprinkled on the dishes to rinse all the detergent present on them.
  7. Water is drained again: Again the water is drained off finally from the machine.
  8. Dry up the dishes: The dishwasher can also dry up the dishes if the user has selected this setting. In this step, the dishwasher heats the air and spread it on the wet dishes. This hot air dries up the dishes completely.

How dishwasher works inside?

how dishwasher works

We have got an idea about the working of the dishwasher. Let’s take up a glance over its internal parts and their working. This will give you a more clear answer to the question how dishwasher works? The dishwasher has a timer a feature where you can set a timer for detergent use and control the working of the dishwasher. The control panel is situated on the top just behind the main food of the dishwasher. Here you can regulate and control the functions of the machine. More expensive units have a well-computerized control system. The drainage and detergent activities are controlled automatically here. Some units also provide child safety locks. They provide you a user guide Manual where you can get proper knowledge about the use of the machine.

Inside the dishwasher, a pump is present which is powered by an electric motor. The motor and pump are mounted down the basin, which is present in the middle of the dishwasher. There are two types of pumps present inside the unit to regulate water pumping and sprinkling activities. These are named reversible pumps which are responsible for the drainage of water. These pumps are mounted upside down in the unit. The second one is the direct drive pump. Here the motor runs in a single direction and provides water to the dishes with a certain pressure in one direction. That’s all it doesn’t contain any complex parts.

Here’s how a dishwasher works video link. You can click on the given video links and understand it’s working and uses more clearly.

How dishwasher works –

How to use a dishwasher-

 How a portable dishwasher works?

A portable dishwasher is a very good choice for those who have less space in their kitchen. You can easily place it on your kitchen platform and use it. It works on the same principle as a normal dishwasher. Let’s understand it through an example: imagine you are watering plants with a pipe. Now if you put a finger on the mouth of the pipe then the water pressure will gradually increase. A portable dishwasher works on the same principle. It sprinkles water on the dirty dishes with a certain pressure to remove the dirt and debris. A portable dishwasher is also known as a countertop dishwasher. It has a separate place for cutlery, glass utensils, and dishes. The draining system of a portable dishwasher works differently than a traditional dishwasher. Here the drainage goes into the sink. The draining functions are regulated through the timer. A portable dishwasher can be stored easily in the kitchen drawers. The only thing you need to do is drain off all the water from the basin. Unplug the dishwasher and your portable dishwasher is ready to be stored anywhere. The best part about a portable dishwasher is it is not time-consuming and doesn’t require a lot of space. When it comes to the question of how a countertop dishwasher works? The answer is the same as of portable dishwasher.

How commercial dishwasher works?

how dishwasher works

Commercial dishwashers are bigger than traditional ones. They are mostly used in hotels mad restaurants for cleaning dishes and large utensils. The dish holding capacity of these commercial dishwashers is very high than the typical dishwashers. These commercial dishwashers are mainly of two types. Namely high-temperature dishwashers and low-temperature dishwashers. A high-temperature dishwasher uses more energy than a low-temperature dishwasher as it uses comparatively more warm water. Also, a high-temperature dishwasher cleans and dry up the dishes automatically just after the rinsing process.

Where’s a low-temperature dishwasher use sanitizing chemicals to clean the dishes. One thing you must keep in mind while using these low-temperature dishwashers is a selection of weak chemicals. Don’t use strong chemicals to clean utensils as they will go into the food you will serve on the dishes. This could spoil the food and also can make the consumer sick.

How dishwasher detergent works?

The dishwasher detergent works on the same principle as the normal detergent. When the detergent is put on the dishes the dirt particles get attracted to the hydrocarbon chain of the detergent. And the pure water remains on the surface of the dish. When we rub on tThe surface of utensils with a scrubber dipped into detergent dishwasher’s lathers, and impurities get washed off. The dishwasher detergent works on the same principle and removes dirt and debris from the utensils.

How dishwasher dispenser works?

The dishwasher dispenser is located below the basin. When warm water travels through the pipe this dishwasher dispenser loses the detergent. This detergent gets mixed up with warm water. This mixer of warm water and detergent travels through the pipe. When the dishes are cleaned detergent also gets sprinkled on the surface on the dishes to clean them. If your detergent dispenser gets broken you will not get good results. As the dispenser works with a whole mechanism of putting a tablet inside and mixing it up with the water. So if the dispenser stops working your dishes will be cleaned up but not completely.

How to avoid dishwasher air gap?

how dishwasher works

 Before finding an answer to this question let us discuss the air gaps and are necessary or not. Yes, air gaps are necessary when it comes to set up a dishwasher in your kitchen. But, if your plumber didn’t provide any air gap then you can use some alternatives to air gaps. A high loop is the best alternative to air gaps. It is a method that prevents backflow. The water is directly drained into the drainage pipe present beneath the sink. In a high loop, the water is drained upwards resulting in backflow prevention. Though the high loop is not safe as air gaps, they can be used as a good alternative. In this way, you can avoid dishwasher air gaps.

How to check if dishwasher pump is working?

how dishwasher works

This is the most asked question from the dishwasher users. Like you will not be able to spot a visible difference if your dishwasher pump stops working. But you should check it from time to time. To check the working of your dishwasher pump first check if your dishwasher shows an error coding related to the pump. If any error coding is not shown then check the symptoms for a not working pump motor. A good motor shows a resistance reading between 30-40 ohms. If your motor shows any elevated resistance reading then you need to change it.

You can look for certain factors to check whether your dishwasher pump is working or not. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

  • If your dishwasher is draining slowly. This is not a clear-cut sign but this is a good indication of having a pump problem.
  • If you hear a loud noise when your dishwasher is draining. This is also a sign of a dead motor.
  • Your dishwasher will show an error code that says DP. It stands for Drainage Pump. If your washer is showing a DP error. It is a clear indication that something is wrong with your dishwasher’s motor and drainage pump.
  • See if it spits out any water from the dishwasher door. This could be a sign of bad motor working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the dishwasher overnight?

It is not advisable to leave the dishwasher overnight. Because it is a machine and machines can make faults any time e. There is also a chance of fire risk at the motor of the dishwasher. So it is not safe to leave the dishwasher overnight. If your dishwasher works on a timer like if it stops working automatically after the work is done. In this case, you can leave it overnight. But go for this option in an emergency only. You can refer to the users guide manual which is provided with the dishwasher. It is mentioned there too.

Do dishwashers really save time?

Yes, using a dishwasher over cleaning dishes by your hand, saves a lot of time. In a survey, it was calculated that if you use a dishwasher for cleaning your utensils you save 10days per year. In other words, you are saving a total of 230 hours. Which you could have wasted rubbing dirty dishes. You can utilize this time in good work. So yes, hope it’s clear. The survey report says it all. So prefer using the dishwashers over the traditional method of washing dishes by your hand. There are various options available in the market. You can choose the dishwasher according to your will and budget.

Should I run the dishwasher every night?

Yes, you can run the dishwasher as per your wish. As there is no time allotment for the use of dishwashers. But if you use the dishwasher every night it saves more energy and water. But make sure you don’t use the empty dishwasher every night. Load the dishwasher completely then only use it otherwise it will consume more energy. So you can run the dishwasher every night and save water.

How long can dirty dishes sit in the dishwasher?

It is not advisable to keep dirty dishes in the dishwasher for a long time. If you will do so, bacteria will grow up on the surface of the dirty dishes. These bacteria can harm your health and can make you sick. If you want to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria in your house. Don’t put the dirty dishes for a long time inside the dishwasher. You can run the dishwasher if it’s not completely loaded but keeping dirty dishes inside it is not at all advisable.


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