Home Deep Clean


Expert deep cleaning services by professionals

Good Home Services offers a range of cleaning solutions for homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial ventures. One of the intensive and popular services that the company provides in homes is Home Deep Cleaning Services.

Home Deep Clean

What is home deep cleaning?

Cleaning is something everyone does in their houses. Deep cleaning is a thorough and complete cleaning done of your home covering all areas. The purpose of deep cleaning is to ensure that your house is spic and span not only in the living area but also in the bedroom and kitchen.

Good Home Services is a pioneer in providing Professional deep cleaning services. Our services would ensure that all dust, dirt, and grime is removed from your home.

What does it cover?

Deep home cleaning covers all areas of your home. The House Cleaning Services in Noida offered by our company covers:

  • Bedroom

    • Cleaning of the floor, deep scrubbing
    • Cleaning of mattress
    • Dusting of furniture
    • Cleaning of windows
    • Dusting of ceilings and walls and removal of cobwebs
  • Kitchen

    • Floor cleaning with scrubbing
    • Dusting of appliances and cupboards from outside
    • Cleaning of kitchen platform
    • Cleaning of windows, and exhaust fan
    • Degreasing to remove stains
    • Removing cobwebs
  • Hall

    • Cleaning of furniture
    • Cleaning of sofa
    • Cleaning of cupboards and showcase from outside
    • Cleaning of curtains
    • Floor cleaning
    • Cleaning of TV and other appliances from outside
  • Bathroom

    • Floor scrubbing
    • Cleaning of windows and exhaust
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Cleaning of shelves and cabinets
    • Cleaning of mirrors
    • Cleaning of toilet
    • Wash basin cleaning
  • General cleaning

    • Using disinfectants for cleaning floor and bathrooms
    • Vacuuming sofas, curtains, and upholstery
    • Cleaning of windows and glass

What does it exclude?

Our services do not cover certain aspects.

  • Exteriors are not covered in the deep cleaning

  • In case, there is a requirement for external cleaning or cleaning of the parking area, it would be charged extra at `5 per sq. ft.

  • Kitchen cleaning does not include cleaning of utensils, refrigerator, chimney, oven, or microwave.

  • Removal of utensils and jars is not included. If required, it can be done on payment of `500.

Our extensive Home Cleaning services in Delhi NCR is done from `3,500 onwards. The price depends on the number of rooms and the type of accommodation.

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Ultra Home Deep Cleaning:

  • Mechanized scrubbing of floor
  • Disinfection of sanitize of the furnishes
  • Using Eco friendly disinfectants
  • Vacuuming of electric fixtures & furniture.
  • Deescalate of taps & stainless steel sighting.
  • Cleaning of fans,loyts & fixtures
  • Dry dusting of wooden furniture includes windows, doors, grills,electric fixtures.


  • Scrubbing machine(State to the act machine dry & wet)
  • Vacuum cleaner & Aluminium carded,dusted,scrapers mop set.

Do not include:

  • Wall wash, Cleaning kitchen cabirels & personal cupboards.

Time Taken:

  • 4 -8 Hours
  • For Villas: 1-2 Days
  • Crew Size: 2-8, Depending upon the size of the house
Home Deep Clean

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