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Good Home Services offers cleaning services for offices and commercial properties. As you can see, Good Home Services provides a range of Commercial cleaning services for all types of clients. Whether it is a house, hospital, theater, or a restaurant our team would be there to provide the best quality cleaning services.

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The cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning of the entire office, including carpets
  • Cleaning of outside facade and glasses
  • Cleaning of all furniture and fixtures
  • Pest control to get rid of rats and other pests
  • Floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of pantry/kitchen
  • Regular housekeeping to make the office clean and create an environment where employees feel happy to work.
  • Auditoriums, theaters, multiplexes
  • Corporate buildings, offices
  • Homes, Apartments, villas
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Restaurants – kitchen cleaning, cleaning in food joints
  • Cleaning up services – before and after parties and banquets
  • Cleaning of premise after construction work is complete