Commercial Furniture & Furnishings


Commercial furniture and furnishing cleaning services

Commercial organizations have plenty of furniture and furnishing in their premises. Hotels and restaurants would have sofas and plush upholstery. They accumulate dirt over a period of time and also can have stains from coffee and food. Over a period of time, a musty odor develops and creates an overall bad effect. Organizations, where customers visit, cannot afford to have bad furniture. Regular cleaning is necessary.

In the same way, carpets accumulate dust and mites that cause allergies. Spillage of water and other liquids again creates a bad odor. Carpet cleaning needs to be done regularly to get rid of the odor and keep carpets clean.

GHS Services

Good Home Services is the undisputed leader in cleaning services. The company provides excellent Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in commercial offices. Offices, hotels and other commercial spaces that have carpets can avail of the excellent carpet cleaning services.

Our team of professional cleaners would visit your office and do a perfect and thorough cleaning of all the carpets. Dust is removed from all corners, including under the carpet. Stains are cleaned and the carpet cleaning solution used ensures all odors are removed.

Sofa cleaning The sofas in the office need thorough cleaning and layers of dust would have accumulated. When people sitting on the sofa have food, some food might have fallen in corners in places difficult to reach. This is where Good Home Services comes in.

Our Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services ensures your sofas are completely cleaned.

  • The cleaning service includes:
  • Removal of dust and vacuuming
  • Removal of stain using a solution
  • Reaching out to all corners to remove dust and grime
  • Cleaning the fabric with a solution that removes any odors
  • Chair cleaning
  • Chair and other furniture in offices also need cleaning. Chair dry cleaning service is provided by Good Home Services
  • The service ensures that all the chairs in your premises are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Chair dry cleaning process involves:
  • First dust is removed by cleaning and vacuuming
  • Chair shampoo is applied using a soft brush gently till all dirt comes out
  • Dirt and residues are removed again through vacuuming
  • The chair is given a thorough wipe down until is clean and dry.
  • Chairs undergoing the dry cleaning process look new once again and it would be a pleasure for customers to sit on these chairs.
  • We provide the best furniture and furnishing cleaning at all types of organizations. Call us today to make your office look new once again.