Commercial Deep Cleaning


Commercial deep cleaning services for offices and commercial venture

Good Home Services is one of the leading companies offering commercial cleaning services to clients. One of the most important cleaning services that all kinds of clients avail, whether residential or commercial deep cleaning services. Dust and grime accumulate every day and hides in various corners. Tiles get stained and bathrooms have germ build up. A deep cleaning would ensure a total and complete cleaning of the entire premises. The best way to ensure cleanliness!

We follow international quality and standards accompanied with advance cleaning technologies and methodology. Get in touch with us for an ultimate GHS cleaning experience.

Deep cleaning

Good Home Services is the leader in the market for Commercial Deep Cleaning Services. The company offers a complete cleaning of the entire office or premises of the organization. Right from the front office to the work areas, bathrooms, pantry every area is cleaned to leave it looking as good as new. Carpets are cleaned as are storage areas. This is the perfect solution for commercial ventures to ensure their premises is completely cleaned up.

Office cleaning

Office Cleaning Services Delhi NCR is provided by Good Home Services. The company would send their team of cleaning professionals to do a perfect job cleaning up the office. The cleaning services include:

Cleaning of carpets to remove all dust, including from corners

  • Cleaning and scrubbing of floor areas
  • Cleaning of glass doors and windows
  • External cleaning of cupboards and storage areas
  • Cleaning of partitions and woodwork
  • Cleaning of sofa, furniture, and upholstery
  • Dusting and cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of the bathroom – tiles and WC
  • Cleaning of pantry and kitchen
  • Cleaning in hotels
Good Home Services offers Hotel Cleaning Service in Delhi NCR. These services are different from those in offices as hotels have different requirements. The services carried out at hotels include:
  • Cleaning of reception area tables and interiors
  • Floor cleaning and scrubbing in all hotel areas
  • Carpet cleaning throughout
  • Cleaning of sofas, upholstery, and furniture
  • Dusting of walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of restaurant area – floor scrubbing, wall, and ceiling dusting
  • Kitchen cleaning – cleaning of platforms, sinks
  • Cleaning of all bathrooms/toilets – disinfecting, tiles cleaning, cleaning of WC
  • Cleaning of spa and any other facilities, including gym
  • Cleaning of flats
Apartment building cleaning is done as a part of commercial services. The entire complex is cleaned. All areas including common areas, corridors, staircases, common halls as well as flats are cleaned. The Flat Cleaning Services in Noida are best quality services offering a complete cleaning of the entire area and is a total package.