Boult vs Boat: Who Will Win in the Battle of the Bowlers?

Boult and Boat are both popular brands. So, it is common to feel conflicted between the two when looking for electronic accessories. They both have a good reputation among customers and offer a variety of products. Let’s take an in-depth look into Boult v/s Boat products which will help those in a predicament choose the best one.

Mentioned here are two popular products by Boat and Boult respectively,

Boult vs Boat airdopes

Boult vs Boat

Airdopes by Boult and Boat both fall into an affordable price range. They provide instant Wake n’ Pair technology which is a welcome feature.

With Boult Audio Airbass, you get 6-7 hours of playtime on a single charge. The case charges it 3 times, which goes to a total of up to 20 hours.

On the other hand, with Boat Airdopes you get 3.5- 4 hours of playtime with a single charge and 4 times with the case. Adding to a total of 18 hours of playtime.

Boult vs Boat neckband

Boult vs Boat

Starting with the design, the Boult neckband has a more vogue and stylish looking neckband while the Boat neckband is minimal and for those looking for simplicity.

Boult takes an edge over Boat with better wire quality while overall built quality is the same for both neckbands.

Boat gives you a high volume while with Boult to get a better base quality.

Boat gives you a battery backup of 6-7 hours, while Boult easily has a better one with approximately 10 hours of battery backup.

Boult vs Boat wireless headphones

In the wireless headphones category, Boat gives a plastic build while Boult has a metallic built, yet the durability and flexibility remain the same for both.

Boat takes an edge over Boult with a comfortable fit with comparatively less clamping force.

Both wireless headphones have almost the same featured accessories along with the headphones. The charging port build and quality is same for both of them.

In the category of battery backup, Boat has a charging time of 2 hours with 20 hours of battery backup as claimed by the company. In Boult, the charging time is 2 hours with a lesser battery backup of 10-12 hours.

Boult vs Boat which is best

Audio reception is a matter of subjectivity. It depends on the priorities and qualities you look for in your products.

Boat started with the best price range of products but the prices have increased overtime while Boult offers a value for money to their customers. The durability of boat overweighs Boult’s but if your preference is sound quality, Boult is the winner.

Boult vs Boat vs mivi

When comparing these three brands, we usually find the prices of comparable products to be similar.

The in-case magnetic strength and the noise cancellation features of Mivi and Boult are better than Boat.

The battery life in the various brands’ airdopes is comparable. Mivi has an overall of 20 hours of battery time. Boat has 3 hours of the call, 3 hours of music playtime and 14 hours of standby. Boult wins the category of the best battery time with 5 hours call time, 15 hours music playtime and 7-8 hours on standby. 

Boult vs Boat speakers

The speakers, like many other products have a similar price range for both brands. The battery backup too is about 8 hours, with a little variation in battery capacities. Portability and durability are at par with each other.

The connectivity in Boult is a little better than Boat, while Boat takes the lead in better build quality.

Boult vs Boat airdopes which is better

Both the airdopes have a c-type port and the feature of capacitive touch.

While Boult has good sound and call quality. Boat airdopes has a better base quality but a subdued call quality.

In the end, the choice of Airdopes depends on your preference and needs.

Boult vs Boat Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets by both Boult and Boat have an impressive price range. Boult takes the lead in battery life, build design and quality while Boat edges over Boult with better sound quality in their Bluetooth headsets.


Which is better boat or Boult?

Even though both the brands have comparable products, each brand is unique. Some products outweigh the others for both of them.

A good comparison of the product you are looking for will give you a better understanding and help you choose the better product.

 Which neckband is best Boult or boat?

While both Boult and Boat have their pros and cons, Boult takes an edge over Boat with better design, good bass quality and longer battery life.

 Is Boult an Indian brand?

Yes, Boult is an Indian brand based in Delhi. It is one of India’s most popular audio brands. Their production is however done in China.