Best Soundbar Under 10000: Find the Perfect Audio Solution for Your Home

 Mi Soundbar

Mi Soundbar

8 sound drivers
Passive radiators
Bluetooth connectivity
Multiple device connectivity
 Mulo Arena Soundbar with woofer

Mulo Arena Soundbar with woofer

4 EQ modes
Multiple device connectivity
Bluetooth technology
EVA wall mount pads and screws
 iBall Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

iBall Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

Dolby digital audios with powerful bass
Multi-device connectivity
Movie, music and news modes
Convenient to use
 F&D Soundbar E200 Plus

F&D Soundbar E200 Plus

Full-range 2 inch drivers
Integrated 2.0 speakers
2600mAh Li-on battery
3.5mm jack and Bluetooth connectivity
 Blaupunkt Wired Soundbar

Blaupunkt Wired Soundbar

120 W soundbar
Sleek design
Wired connectivity
Remote control mechanism

One of the major forms of entertainment is a movie. Though it is impossible to visit a theatre each day to watch a movie, the love for it never dies. To get over this concern, television was introduced by the great Taylor Farnsworth. The best soundbar under 10000 with television is a match made in heaven.

After a series of advancements and developments, television has become one of the essentials and its importance has grown so much so that there is no single house without it. Right from movies to music, everything including news, comedy shows, etc. there’s nothing that is not telecast through a TV.

Even though modern televisions come with superior video and sound quality, nothing less than the best will satisfy us. To fulfill this requirement, soundbars are introduced. A soundbar is a loudspeaker that amplifies the sound and projects it to larger enclosed distances when connected to a device.

These devices are designed keeping in mind the acoustics in such a way that their width is more than the length. This makes it convenient to mount these on the devices to save space. Apart from televisions, the soundbars are used with other devices like computers, home theatres, etc.

With multiple speakers placed in a single cabinet, the surround sound quality is at its best with the added benefit of stereo effects. Sometimes, separate devices like subwoofers are added to these soundbars for better performances and this choice is with the users.

Some of the advantages of soundbars are:

  • They deliver the best quality sounds while occupying very little space.
  • With technologies like Bluetooth and Dolby Atmos, they can be easily connected with most of the display devices.

Along with sounds, good bass is another essential factor. Soundbars fulfill this as well. So, not buying one means we’re missing a lot. But we wouldn’t, would we?

Best Soundbar under 10000 – Buying Guide

So to buy the best soundbar under 10000 keeping in mind the requirements and the budget constraints, let’s see the factors to be considered while buying one.

Factors to look for in a Soundbar

  1. Channels: A soundbar comes in 2 variants –a 2.1 channel model with 2 front channels and a woofer or a soundbar with separate rear speakers and a woofer. Most of the present-day soundbars come with Dolby Atmos technology for superior sounds. It is up to the buyer to decide the model accordingly.
  2. Position: Different models are available in soundbars based on the positions. While some can be attached to the TV stands, some can be placed above the TV sets and some are wall-mounted. So based on the display device, choose the appropriate soundbar.
  3. Connections: The connectivity options for input and output are plenty due to modern technology. Connections like HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. are some of them. Digital audio inputs are also one of the options in most of the soundbars. So choose the best that fits your requirements.
  4. Audio Formats: Dolby Atmos technology is the leading audio service present. So this is a must in the best soundbar under 10000.

Apart from these, some soundbars allow streaming of movies, shows, etc. from different platforms like Amazon, Netflix, etc. They also allow multiple device connectivity. Now that we know how to choose the best soundbar under 10000, let’s see the best options available for us on

Best Soundbar under 10000 Reviews

  1. Mi Soundbar

Mi Soundbar

Mi Soundbars are often called perfect television companions. When we’re looking for a soundbar under 10000, this the one on the list. With a powerful core and elegant design, this soundbar takes audio to next level with rich sound quality. It gets connected in less than 30 seconds with easy steps. It can be either wall-mounted or just be placed on a table. It is so compact, light in weight, and comes with the following features.

  • With 8 sound drivers, it perfectly covers the complete spectrum of50 Hz – 25000 Hz frequency ranges.
  • It uses passive radiators to enhance bass and provide a real cinematic experience.
  • It uses Bluetooth technology with 4.2 LE to connect to televisions as well as mobiles.
  • It comes in a bar shape covered with a mesh fabric, which is a perfect fit for the living rooms.
  • It is available in 2 different colors – black and white.
  • It allows multiple connections including SIDF, PIDF, Aux, Line-in, and optical to connect to any television and mobile.

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  1. Mulo Arena Soundbar with woofer

Mulo Arena Soundbar with woofer

With a compact and elegant design that beautifully fits anywhere easily, Arena Soundbar eliminates the use of too many speakers and cable wires. This is perfect and the best gift to music lovers under 10000. It uses advanced technologies to produce superior sound qualities and comes with the following features.

  • It is a soundbar with a woofer with powerful, bold, and high-impact bass to provide immersive sounds.
  • By adjusting the bass and treble buttons, we can decide and design the sound quality as we like.
  • It comes with 4 predefined and different EQ modes –Music, News, Movie, and 3D.
  • Two EVA wall mount pads with screws are included for mounting it to the walls.
  • With a sleek design and lightweight, it perfectly complements the television sets.
  • The connectivity options are Bluetooth, USB, and Aux.
  • Aux – RCA and Aux-Aux converter cables make it more convenient to connect the soundbar to multiple devices.

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  1. iBall Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

iBall Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

It is an advanced 120 W Dolby Atmos soundbar with a woofer that is known to maximize the sound quality of your tv. iBall reduces ambient noise to a large extent and yields impressive qualities of audio. With a 1-year warranty, it offers the following features:

  • Along with wireless Bluetooth streaming, Optical input, HDMI, and Aux ports are also available to connect to various devices.
  • It is designed such that it occupies less space and soothes our eyes which is why it is the best soundbar under 10000.
  • The amplifying woofer produces clear sounds with the help of powerful bass.
  • Modes like Movies, Music, and News satisfy different moods of its user.
  • Theatre experience is created with strong Dolby Digital audios and powerful bass.
  • It occupies less space and fits in easily wherever placed.check price
  1. Zebronics Bluetooth Soundbar Juke Bar 5

Zebronics Bluetooth Soundbar Juke Bar 5

Juke Bar 5 is a soundbar with a woofer that balances the sounds exactly when connected to your tv. With a remote control mechanism and LED display, it is no less than a visual treat offering blissful sound quality. When you look for the best soundbar under 10000 Juke Bar is also one of the choices. With a one-year warranty, its features include:

  • The 5-inch subwoofer adds perfect bass to produce high-quality sounds.
  • Apart from Bluetooth, other connectivity options include SD, USB, TV IN, Aux, etc.
  • It uses quad drives for better performances.
  • It covers the frequencies ranging between 35 Hz and 20 kHz.
  • It supports a memory of over 32 GB at the maximum through a USB or an SD device/card.
  • The file formats of MP3 and WMA are only supported.
  • It can be directly placed on a table or can be mounted onto a wall.check price
  1. F&D Soundbar E200 Plus

F&D Soundbar E200 Plus

The best thing about the F&D soundbar is its titled design that produces more sound than most of the other soundbars. This 11-degree tilt makes it look stunning and worth a buy. With multiple device connectivity and the best sound quality, it offers the following features:

  • It uses a full-range 2-inch driver.
  • With its integrated 2.0 speakers, it is a perfect match for computers along with your tv.
  • It is a battery-based device with an in-built Li-on battery of 2600mAhthatcan be charged using a micro USB conveniently.
  • To produce springy bass, front radiators that are passive are used.
  • With side controls and a USB reader, it supports MP3 and WMA formats of audio.
  • It connects to any device with the help of a 3.5 mm Jack or through Bluetooth version 4.0 and above.

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  1. Blaupunkt Wired Soundbar

Blaupunkt Wired Soundbar

SBW 100 soundbar with a woofer uses wired connectivity making it easier to connect to multiple devices. The other features are as follows:

  • It is a 120W soundbar that has a wired woofer with side-firing to deliver higher bass with loud volumes.
  • It uses a sleek European design to match the ambiance of the room perfectly.
  • It gives a 3D and cinematic experience through the audio.
  • Different EQ modes like music, movie, 3D, news, etc. that can be chosen according to our mood are present.
  • It is a remote control-based system with controls like volume, pause, play, treble, bass, etc.
  • With connections like USB, HDMI, AUX, etc. it can be connected to various devices.

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  1. Ant Audio Bluetooth Soundbar

Ant Audio Bluetooth Soundbar

SB560 is a wireless Bluetooth soundbar with a woofer. It is a 120 W device with enhanced sound quality and high bass. Available in different colors including black, it has the following features.

  • It delivers a loud sound up to 110 dB.
  • It has dual tweeter drivers and four full-range speakers for excellent audio.
  • Because of its sleek and slim design, it can be conveniently placed anywhere.
  • Four EQ modes – movies, news, 3D, and music for wonderful hearing experiences.
  • All of its functions are based on infrared remote controls.
  • Any of the Optical, USB, AUX, HDMI, ARC input, etc. can be used to connect the soundbar to many display devices.check price

If you are looking for a cinematic experience from all the display devices present at home, the exceptional option is the best soundbar under 10000. With a soundbar, premium quality audio can be heard over a good range of distances.

Most of the latest soundbars in India use subwoofers. The soundbar with woofer provides excellent sound and powerful bass. Being in a budget-friendly range, the best soundbar under 10000 provides the best of itself while occupying very limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I put a soundbar?

Most of the present-day soundbars in India are flexible to be placed anywhere either on a table, on the top of the device it is connected to or can be wall-mounted as per user’s convenience.

  1. Should I get a 2.1 or 5.1 soundbar?

A 2.1 channel soundbar is built with only 2 speakers and 5.1 comes with 5 speakers and produces more sound. If you wish to enjoy louder noises 5.1 is the best choice while for home purposes, 2.1 is mostly sufficient.

  1. How do I choose a good soundbar?

Some of the factors like position, size, connectivity, etc. help in choosing the best soundbar for tv based on the device requirements and compatibility with your tv.

  1. Are LG soundbars any good?

LG is known to produce the best quality of led tv soundbar best known under the category of cheapest Dolby atmos soundbar in India.

  1. What brand makes the best soundbar?

Many brands produce the best soundbar under 10000. Some of them include Mi, JBL, iBall, etc. Samsung soundbar in India can also be included in this list.

  1. Which soundbar is best in India?

The list of best soundbar under 10000 are discussed above. For more information, login to