Best Smart TV Under 30000: Find the Perfect Smart TV for Your Home



Metallic body frame
Sleek design
MI - service
One Plus Y HD TV

One Plus Y HD TV

No bezels on the frame
Regular size
Surround Sound
Easily compatible
Samsung Wondertainment Series

Samsung Wondertainment Series

Black in colour
2 HDMI ports
Great 1-year warranty
Samsung Voice Activation
Easy to navigate
LG HD Ready Smart TV

LG HD Ready Smart TV

32 Inch screen
1 USB port
Fitting included
1 Year warranty
Sony Bravia HD

Sony Bravia HD

ClearAudio+ technology
Easy to fit
32 inch screen size
HD resolution
Great user interface

Televisions are something that every person has come in contact with at some point in their life. It is an important part of the household because a lot of people can view their favourite soaps or other shows on it. It not only appeals to the masses but also to people of all age groups. The best smart tv under 30000 makes for a perfect companion while guessing out the products that are used here by the people.

Best Smart Tv Under 30000 – Buying Guide

Evolution of the smart TV

A lot of people still remember the first television being black and white with only a handful of channels on it. This was then replaced with the coloured television and got a lot more channels. Our next major change came when the box sets became flat sets with LCD screens. This has since evolved into LED sets which have now been introduced to the internet to become a smart TV.

Factors to Look for while buying the best smart tv under 30000 

  • Size of the Television
  • The Price of the Television
  • The Brand
  • The Colour/ Appearance

Best Smart Tv Under 30000 Reviews

  1. MI TV 4A PRO

best smart tv under 30000

The first product is one that is from a newer brand which is called MI. The size of the television is 32 inches. Some of the other features are

  • This product has a screen which is 32 inches in size
  • It is black in colour with a very thin frame on the exterior
  • Has a display of 20 watts which goes well with the Wi-Fi that is built inside
  • It is one of the best smart TV under 30000.
  • There are a total of 3 HDMI ports that allow the TV to be connected to a variety of devices around.
  • There is help while mounting the set as well as placing it in the house
  • The product has a warranty period of 1 year.

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  1. One Plus Y LED Smart TV

One Plus Y LED Smart TV

The second product is of a brand that is very famous in terms of mobile phones. The technology used in television has the same quality as their phones with a great reputation. Some of the other features are

  • The product has a 1366 x 768 resolution to go with a screen of 32 inches.
  • The audio system is of the Dolby brand which gives a good surround sound effect.
  • 2 ports of HDMI are available to allow the smooth connection.
  • Applications can be downloaded and used on this product very easily.
  • It does not have bezels and can connect with any smartphone easily.
  • The warranty period on the product is of 1 year.

best oled tv in india


  1. Samsung Wondertainment Series

Samsung Wondertainment Series

The third product is of the Samsung brand which has a great reputation in the world of television sets. People trust the brand a lot and they do not disappoint. Some of the other features of this product are as follows

  • This Samsung product has a screen size of 32 inches which is very desirable in terms of space.
  • There is a single USB port along with 2 HDMI plugs to connect with devices readily.
  • The TV has the voice assistant that is given by Samsung and can connect with all Android devices almost instantly.
  • Other applications can be downloaded on it in order to use them right over there.
  • It is black in colour and comes with a very sleek design.
  • There is a warranty of 1 year on this Samsung smart tv under 30000.

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  1. LG HD Ready Smart TV

LG HD Ready Smart TV

The product that next belongs to a brand that is very reputed in terms of the quality that it provides. This one has a set that could be one of the best smart TV under 30000. Let us see some of the other features of this product.

  • This product has a 32-inch screen with an HD resolution as the product.
  • The HDMI ports available on it are 3 that allows the connection to BLUE RAY or other devices for a connection.
  • It is one of the best smart TV under 30000.
  • The output is 20 watts and has a Bluetooth setting for the sound.
  • The Wi-Fi direct is built inside the module and can easily be accessed.
  • One can get it installed by the person who delivers the product.
  • There is a warranty time of 1 year on the whole product given by LG.

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  1. Sony Bravia HD

best smart tv under 30000

Our final product is one that is made by the renowned brand known as Sony. This is one that serves good looks along with the style that goes with it. This Sony smart tv under 30000 is great to buy purely because of the countless features.

  • There is a free installation that comes with the television set. This can be availed at the time of delivery.
  • To connect easily there are 2 ports at the side of the set.
  • The output is optimal with about 20 watts on it.
  • It is one of the best smart tv under 30000.
  • There is a technology used which improves the sound quality also known as ClearAudio+.
  • One can replace this product if it is 10 days after the delivery has been made.
  • There is also a warranty of 1 year on the entire product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best and cheapest smart TV?

We are having a look at the different television sets that can be used in order to get an idea about the content of the others primarily. The important part of smart television is that a lot of people can watch and connect to the internet which is not possible while using other television sets. The part that makes a smart TV special is an important factor. Having the best smart tv under 30000 inr could have a lot to do with the ones that do not have any branding on them. A lot of people make sure that they get an idea about the branding options on the table.

  1. How do I choose a smart TV?

There are so many different features that come into the whole equation when we are dealing with different kinds of smart TV’s that can easily be showcased and used in a regular Indian household. The price factor is very important because of the fact that the product could be bought by middle-class families. The next part is the warranty. A lot of people need to know the warranty and the support that comes with the television. Lastly, some people bother heavily about the brand of the best smart tv under 30000.

  1. What brand is best for a Smart TV?

This question is one that would create a lot of doubt and different going into the entire process of deciding which one would be a better choice. There are mainly 2 factors that are important while deciding the best brand. The first one is the opinion and reviews that are given by the customers as well as the critics. The other one is simply by the specifications that are given to the product before the launch and how it is compared. The 2 brands that stand out in terms of both these factors are Samsung and LG.

  1. Which is the best budget TV?

The best budget TV is one that is perfect in all circumstances even while going all out to purchase a different type of setting. People must understand that the price is definitely a factor that plays an important part as discussed above. The next part that stands tall and important is the cost at which it is made. Most of the television sets are manufactured in Asia. This allows them to be less in cost that is much below Rs. 15,000. When we need to understand the best budget TV we can either look at the options of a Samsung or an LG television set.

  1. What is the price of a smart LED?

Once again we see that the price plays an important role in the process of making a decision about the product. Here we have a different opinion on all the different chances of writing up the products that could be used. Most of the products are under 30k in the market today. Our list has only products that are below the price of 30000. The best smart tv under 30000 could simply be priced at 15k or even closer to 30k. The factors which are the brand as well as the size are very important. These are the main factors which can drive the price really high.

  1. What brand is best on TV?

Televisions are an aspect that has changed the way people view entertainment and other media. Granted that we have phones around to do all the work, people still use the TV a lot in the entire process, this brings us to buy the best brands that can be used by people who are in need of a new set. After a good analysis of the above, we have noticed that Samsung and LG stand string when it comes to the best smart tv under 30000.

  1. Which TV brand lasts the longest?

This is a factor that a lot of people do not consider while buying a new set. People feel that having a good brand and size at a little cost is good enough. The price may also be little because of the fact that the set is not going to last for as long as one would want it to last. Also, this feature can be divided based on the warranty period. It may only be a very temporary solution but can extend the life of your TV. It may be a cheaper one but the way one takes care of the set, as well as the usage hours, also matters in the long run.

  1. What is the difference between Smart TV and LED TV?

These are two of the most common television sets that have been around in the last 7-8 years. People began with LCD televisions and finally went up and about to move onto LED sets. The next big thing was smart televisions. The main point is that there is not much difference between an LED and a smart TV. This is because all Smart TV’s are LED sets. People may have better resolutions by having the best smart tv under 30000 but this is all that matters in the difference.

  1. Which is better, Android TV or Smart TV?

A question that is very similar to the previous one. The set of android TV has all the features that are present on a smart TV. An android TV may only have a different operating system which is very similar as seen with the different smartphones that are available. People get a feeling that the 2 are very different. This is a wrong notion because an Android TV is also a Smart TV.

  1. What is full HD Smart LED TV?

This is an answer that can be given by looking at the full forms that come with the name. When we speak about HD it means anything in High Definition. Having a set in high definition means that there is a good amount of control over the quality of the content that is coming right up on the set. The best smart tv under 30000 could gain a better understating from this kind of a television set.