The Best Room Heater for Your Home: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Jaipan NO Oxygen Burning Oscillating Room Heater

Jaipan NO Oxygen Burning Oscillating Room Heater

PTC Technology
2 Power Settings
Multiple Safety Protection
Portability and low noise
Wide range of applications
1500 watts power
Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002)

Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002

Spot heating
Ideal for 150 sq ft
Safety tip-over switch
Low power consumption
2 power modes
800 watts power
Bajaj Flashy with 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

Bajaj Flashy with 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

Radiant warmth
Adjustable thermostat
Nickel-Chromium Plated Mesh Grid for safety
1000 watts power
Havells Co zio Quartz Room Heater

Havells Co zio Quartz Room Heater

Includes 2 Quartz heating tubes
Rust-free stainless steel
2 heat setting
Portable and has a safety tip-over switch
800 watts power
Orpat OEH – 1220 2000- Watt Fan Heater

Orpat OEH – 1220 2000- Watt Fan Heater

Can use as a fan
Ideal for 250 sq ft
Overheating protection and safety cutoff
2 heat settings
2000 watts power
Lifelong LLFHO2 Flare – X 2000 Watts Fan Room Heater

Lifelong LLFHO2 Flare – X 2000 Watts Fan Room Heater

Copper winded motor with powerful 2400 RMP
Adjustable Thermostat
Cool, Warm, Hot heat setting
2000 watts power
Solimo 2000 Watt Room Heater

Solimo 2000 Watt Room Heater

Copper winded motor with 2400 RMP
Cool, Warm, Hot heat setting options
Rust free metal grill front
2000 watts power
Solimo 2000 Watt Room Heater ( beige color)

Solimo 2000 Watt Room Heater ( beige color)

Copper winded motor with 2400 RMP
Cool, Warm, Hot heat setting options
Rust free metal grill front
2000 watts power
FESTON RSY Room Heater

FESTON RSY Room Heater

Copper winded motor with 2400 RMP
Two Heat Settings
Adjustable Thermostat
Cool, Warm, Hot, wind selection
2000 watts power
QONETIC Electric Handy Room Heater

QONETIC Electric Handy Room Heater

Plugin heater and compactable
Adjustable Thermostats
Digital LED Display
180 Degree rotation plug
2-speed settings
400 watts power

Cold winter days often make you want to stay at home. With the gloomy and wet atmosphere outside, nothing beats resting at home in a warm atmosphere with a hot beverage in your hand.

But winter also means that your house also gets cold which is why you need the best room heater to create the perfect warmth you desire to quell your cold.

Getting the best room heater to satisfy yourself is also quite difficult as you need to look at various aspects to get the one the fits all your needs.

This is why we have explained everything about the best room heaters reviews, features, and what you need to know about them and have also listed 12 of the best room heater available in India with their features and reviews.

Room heaters are used to heat a small area of space. The majority are also portable which are very convenient for use.

Best Room Heater – Buying Guide

There are many aspects one needs to consider while buying the best room heater in India.

Factors to consider while buying the best room heater

Given below is a list of the general factors you can look for before buying the best room heater available:

  1. Humidity levels: Having a normal humidity level in the room is very important. A drop in the humidity level can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to the best room heater which will also help in maintaining this balance of humidity as many room heaters use the oxygen available in the room or area to function which leads to a drop in the humidity level.
  2. Portability: Having a portable room heater is very convenient for usage and to move the heater anywhere according to the need. This is especially recommended for the elderly or people who have difficulty with mobility as, the room heater can be transferred to the place they are residing in without them having to move anywhere.
  3. The length of the cord: For the best room heaters cord is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a long cord is always preferable and important as you will be able to place the best room heater at any area or place without having to worry about the cord running out before you can place the best room heater on the desired spot.
  4. Heating capacity: When you are buying the best room heater available checking the heating capacity is important. The capacity of the heaters to warm up the room depends on the size of the room. You will need different capacity heaters for different reasons like best room heater for baby in India will require a different heating capacity compared to other best room heaters in India like the best living room heater, the best small room heater, best space heater dorm room, and many more. One of the best options would be to buy the best room heater that has an adjustable temperature option.
  5. Wattage capacity: The wattage of the best electric room heaters is also crucial as the heating capacity of a room heater also depends on the watt of the heater. This should also be decided according to the room size or the heating area size.
  6. Timer/autostart option: This feature is something we would recommend you to look for. Having a timer option is very useful and practical for many reasons like you can save electricity and you would not need to worry about switching it off.
  7. The sound of the heater: While looking for the best room heater available in India the noise level of the heater should also be taken into consideration. A noisy room heater can disturb your sleep or affect your concentration in various things like work or study.
  8. Reviews of the product: This is also something that every buyer should check before buying the room heater. You can know many things about the product from the people who have used it and posted their experience. The best room heaters reviews will help you in deciding which one to go for and whether the product is worth buying.
  9. Power consumption: Going for the best room heater with low power consumption is a good choice as it won’t make your electricity bill shoot up and will help in saving the electricity with the maximum benefit. Therefore, try to search for the best room heater with low power consumption.
  10. Safety: Regardless of the kind of room or area you are looking for to buy the room heater like the best living room heater, the best small room heater, best space heater dorm room, and many more., you should thoroughly look at the safety measures for made available by the best room heater company in India. This will not only prevent any fatal accidents but also give you peace of mind.
  11. The brightness of the heater: While buying radiant heaters make sure that the brightness of the light is comfortable for you especially while sleeping to not disturb your eyes.
  12. Cost: This is something that should be considered according to your needs. If you are looking for the best room heater price in India then the average cost will probably be around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000. This cost may differ according to the features and the best room heater brand. Some of the best room heater prices in India can also be below Rs. 1,000 and up to or above Rs. 50,000. It is up to you to decide the budget accordingly.

Let us look at the different types of room heaters available in India

  1. Convection heaters: These heaters radiate heat from the external surface with the help of heat transfer oil. You can regulate the heat in them through a thermostat. They do not require refills and are very easy to maintain with minimal requirements for cleanliness.
  2. Ceramic fan-forced heaters: These are one of the safe options if you have pets or kids at home. They are versatile also come with various options like oscillation which means swing feature, remote control, digital thermostats, remote control, and many more. They are ideal for almost every type of room from offices to bedrooms. The best room ceramic heater should consist of almost all of this.
  3. Radiant heaters: These are best known for providing instant heat which is made possible by the infrared rays in the radiant room heaters. These are the best types for those who want instant heating. They also do not make any noise and are very energy efficient.
  4. Mica thermic panel heaters: They are hybrid heaters that release 80% of convection heat and 20% of direct radiant heat. They are easy to carry and are also available in wall mountable models. They work quietly without noise and also do not emit light but they are very hot to touch therefore be careful when handling them.

Although the above information covers the general factors and aspects to look for while buying the best room heater there are some special features along with these that one should look for while buying the best room heater for a baby in India.

Buying a room heater for a baby is something that should be done after considering and looking at all the information available to choose the best.

One of the most important factors that come in for this is the baby’s age. Accordingly, you can take safety measures and the features of the room heater into consideration.

For newborns heater with a thermostat is suitable to perfectly control the temperature according to the newborn’s comfort. Choose a heater that will help in keeping the perfect humidity balance so the baby won’t feel discomforts like dryness or itchiness.

If you have a baby who is crawling or starting to walk then always go for room heaters with safe touch and well equipped. Wall-mounted room heaters would be the best option in this scenario as the baby won’t be able to reach it and thus any injury will be avoided.

Mounted wall heaters are also a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers. These are some of the things that you can keep in mind when shopping for room heaters for your baby.

Given below are some of the best room heater brands that we have along with the best room heater and price. We will also show the best room heater company in India.

Best Room Heater Reviews

  1. Jaipan NO Oxygen Burning Oscillating Room Heater with 1500 Watts of powerbest room heater

Japan is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the Indian market known for its electric appliances. This electric mini room heater by the company is a portable ceramic one with a copper motor. It is a perfect product for those who want a heater only for a small personalized area. It also has the latest technology in mini heaters.

  • This heater comes in white color.
  • Its power source is from Corded Electric.
  • It uses convection as its heating method.
  • The size is 15 x 9 x 24 centimetres that is length x width x height.
  • It weighs 1.29 kilograms.
  • The heat-generating system starts as soon as it is plugged in.
  • It has the feature of 90-degree oscillation which helps in distributing the heat evenly.
  • This Jaipan heater also has tip-over protection which is made to cut off power from the heater if it tips.
  • It had the options of Basic fan with oscillation, power off, high heating with 1500 watts, low heating with 650 watts, basic fan, high heating with oscillation (1500 watts), low heating with oscillation (650 watts) on the knob of the heater.

  1. Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800- Watts power

best room heater

Usha is another well-known brand in India famous for its electronic products. This 800 watt QH 3002 Quartz Heater by the company is efficient, and power-saving and is made very safe to use. The latest light technology is used in this room heater to upgrade the elements of the classic rod heater.

  • It comes in grey color.
  • It is an electric room heater.
  • It uses radiant technology for the heating method.
  • The dimensions are L 12 x W 8 x H 12 centimeters.
  • It weighs around 2.49 kilograms.
  • It has 2 power modes of 400 watts and 800 watts.
  • The heater has 2 quartz tube heating elements.
  • It comes with a safe front grill.
  • It is made for low power consumption.
  • It also has inbuilt safety tip-over switch protection, along with overheating protection.

  1. Bajaj Flashy with 1000 watts Radiant Room Heater

best room heater

Bajaj is one of the most trusted electronics companies. Their heater product comes with an overheating safety system along with a corrosion-resistant grid. It has a stylish and compact design with a flexible stand for strong support.

  • It has a 1000 watts heater setting.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It has a nickel chrome plated mesh which helps to resist corrosion and ensures the longevity of the product.
  • It has a safety system to prevent overheating and also has a cotton braided cord for safety.
  • The design is suitable for rooms that are small and medium-sized.
  • The even distribution of heat is ensured by the stainless steel reflector.
  • The product is 32 x 14 x 22 cm in dimension.
  • It weighs 1.73 kilograms.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.

  1. Havells Co zio Quartz Room Heater – 800 watts

best room heater

Havells heater is made to be easily portable. It is made to be easy to install and is very convenient to use.

  • The heater comes in white-blue colors.
  • It has 2 heating setting that of 400 and 800 watts.
  • Its dimensions are 35.5 x 20 x 45.5 centimetres
  • It weighs 1.98 kilograms.
  • It has a two years warranty.
  • It also has stainless steel reflector to ensure the heater is rust-free.
  • It has a warranty of 2 years.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.
  • It also has a safety tip-over switch.

  1. Oprah OEH- 1220 2000- Watt Fan Heater

beat room heater

Oprah provides us with this 2000-watt heater suitable for 250 sq. ft or a small room. It has a thermal cutout for ensuring that the machines stay safe for even extended periods. It is made with a safe surface that doesn’t injure or burn anyone.

  • The maximum capacity of this heater is 2000 watts.
  • It is available in white color.
  • It has a safety mesh grill along with a cool-to-touch body feature.
  • It has 2heat settings of 1000 and 2000 watts.
  • It has a pure copper wire motor.
  • It comes with one year warranty along with a user guide.
  • The heater’s dimensions are 23 x 11 x 22 cm.
  • Its weight is around 1.01 kilograms which is very lightweight.
  • It can alternatively be used as a fan.

  1. Lifelong LLFH02 Flare – X 2000 Watts power Fan Room Heater

best room heater

This heater has been designed to automatically shut off the motors to prevent them from overheating. It has safety assurance along with a compact, portable design with an almost silenced operation.

  • The heater is equipped with a system that will automatically shut off the motor if the temperature reaches 130 degrees centigrade.
  • It is available in white color.
  • It is certified by ISI and has a safety mesh grill.
  • It comes with a thermostat to control the temperature.
  • It has a copper-winded motor of 2400 RMP and can be used both ways; horizontally as well as vertically.
  • It has cool, warm, and hot wind options available on the knob for the setting of the heat.
  • It has a dual function of being used as a fan too which makes this appliance useful in all seasons.
  • It also has an almost noiseless operation.
  • The product dimensions are 23 x 11.5 x 24 cm with a weight of 1.4 kilograms.
  • It comes with a 1 user manual and a 1-year warranty card.

  1. Solimo 2000- Watt Room Heater

best room heater

Solimo is a comparatively new brand by Amazon. The room heater is safely equipped to stop overheating the product. It has two knobs and a thermostat allowing the user to control the temperature.

  • It has a system that is set to automatically shut off after the temperature reaches 130 degrees C.
  • It has a plastic body that is a fire retardant.
  • The copper element is securely locked in by a metal grill.
  • It has a copper winding motor that works with 2000 watts to keep a small/medium-sized room heated.
  • The dimension of the heater is 23 x 11.5 x 24 cm and 1.52 kilograms of weight.
  • It is white and has a selection knob for cool, warm, or hot wind.
  • It also has a rust-free metal grill front to make the product last longer.
  • The heater product comes with an instruction manual.

  1. Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

best room heater

Solimo’s heater of 2000 watt is beige with the convection heating method with the power source of corded electric. It is also safely equipped to prevent overheating. Its products are of good quality with an affordable average cost.

  • The product’s dimensions are 25 x 11.8 x 24 cm with a weight of 1.19 kilograms.
  • The model fan speed is fixed.
  • It has 3 winds selection knob for temperature settings that are Cool, Warm, or Hot wind.
  • It has a rust-free metal grill front and a plastic body.
  • It has a year warranty and the product comes with an instruction manual.
  • It has a dual function of a fan and a heater so it can be used all year round.

  1. RSY Room Heater from FESTON

best room heater

This heater has 2000 watts and has two heat settings along with an adjustable thermostat for controlling the temperature. It is equipped with a system to stop overheating.

  • It has dual functionality that allows it to be used as a heater in cold seasons and as a fan during a warm atmosphere.
  • It is wall mountable which is good for people with pets and kids.
  • It has two heat settings of 1000 and 2000 watts.
  • Its system helps in stopping overheating by switching off the motor at a temperature of 130 degrees C.
  • It has a fire-retardant plastic body and a metal grill.
  • It has a cold, warm, hot wind selections knob for setting the heat.

  1. Laprex Personal Mini Plug-in Handy Heater

best room heater

This heater can be plugged into an outlet for quick heat. It comes with a timer and LED Display for Office Home Room. It is very compact and convenient for carrying around while traveling. All it needs is an outlet and you are ready to use it anywhere.

  • It uses 400 watts and is a Mini Heater that takes nearly no space at all.
  • It has a 12-hour timer function which can be set manually.
  • It has great portability and with its compact design, it is perfect for carrying around without any hassle.
  • The plug can also be rotated at a 180-degree angle to fit any height and position.
  • Its dimensions are 15 x 10 x 5 cm and weigh 450 grams only.

  1. Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200 Watts Halogen heater

best room heater

This Radiant heating heater comes in white and red color. Its efficiency of heating is high along with a cool body. The best AC is used to remove the heat from the surroundings and provide comfort by delivering cool, fresh air essential to the rooms as well. It also has shock proofing so it is great for kids and pets at home.

  • This Maharaja heater has 3 heat settings at 400 watts, 800 watts, 1200 watts which is great for setting temperature according to our needs.
  • It has a function of 180-degree rotation which helps in covering more area to heat up.
  • It has an insulating body that helps in making the heater shockproof.
  • Its body is safe to touch with the help of the cool touch body.
  • It operates in silence which is great for people who can’t tolerate noise in their sleep.
  • The tip-over switch function is also a safety measure that makes the heater shut off if it falls preventing any accident or injury.
  • It has a 2 years warranty along with an instruction manual, guarantee card, and customer care list.
  • It has a dimension of 90 x 40 x 40 cm and weighs 3.06 kilograms.

  1. QONETIC Electric Handy Room Heater

best room heater

This handy Room heater has a digital control along with a convection heating method. The best part is the compact design made for convenience that is stylish and handy.

  • This heater device has a 180-degree Rotation convenient for any wall outlet and adjustable to it.
  • It has Digital LED Display through which you can control or set the temperature according to your comfort.
  • It has a 12-hour timer that can be set by the user.
  • It helps in getting instant heat.
  • It also has an adjustable thermostat along with an auto shut-off timer.
  • 2-speed settings are available on the device.
  • It’s black and gives a heat coverage of 250 sq. ft
  • The heater’s dimensions are 18.1 x 14.4 x 9.5 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best room heater in India?

This depends on the features and needs of the customers. Many brands can be considered as the best room heater brand in India that provide the best quality heaters but the best would be the one that fits your budget and has all the features you need. Some of the best heater companies in India are Jaipan, Orpat, Usha, Bajaj, and Havells.

  1. How to choose the best room heater?

First, make a list of all the features that you are looking for in the room heater. The following list of features can help you with it

  • Safety of the room heater – Remember safety always comes first. Learn all the safety features and measures that the best room heater brand has provided, compare against others, and choose accordingly.
  • Wattage capacity of the heater – Wattage capacity also determines the heating capacity in many heaters. They also determine the electricity efficiency of the heater. Some heaters have options for watt so they might a good choice.
  • Portability – Having a portable room heater makes things very convenient and comfortable. You can shift them to whichever room you are using without much hassle. These are especially recommended for people who can’t move around freely like old people or people that have limitations in their movements.
  • The length of the cords – This is one of the most important things that you need to remember while shopping for the best room heater. The longer the cord of the heater the better mobility will be available and you can move the heater to any corner of the house without worry.
  • Reviews on the heater – Going through the reviews of people who have already used the product is very helpful as you get to know if the product is genuinely good or not. This can help in making your decisions for the right room heater.
  • The cost – Everyone has some sort of budget when shopping for things and you need to plan it while considering many factors like the features, the brand, the type of room heater, and many more. Most companies provide them at pretty average rates but then again, the quality may also differ according to the price.
  1. What is the best room heater for energy efficiency?

There are two main types of the heater; Gas heaters and Electric heaters

Gas heaters are cheaper when compared with electric heaters in terms of money as gas is cheaper than electricity. But these heaters are usually quite heavy and do not have the same portability as the electric heaters. They are not suitable for kids and pets as they tend to be a little unstable.

Gas heaters also require a lot of ventilation as they create a very humid atmosphere and keeping a stock of gas cylinders is also necessary. They can also have heat and fume leaks and as they use fossil fuel which is not renewable, they are not that efficient in energy.

Now compared with these electric heaters are easy to use, to install, and they too cost less and are very much safe to use. They are lightweight compared with gas heaters and are easy in being portable. Many come with humidity control which is very relieving and convenient.

Electric heaters are defiantly very energy efficient not only when compared with the gas ones but also overall. Therefore, if you want a room heater that is energy efficient then go for the electric heater.

You can choose any type of electric heater as they all are energy efficient like the best room ceramic heater, and many more.

  1. Which is the best room heater to buy in India?

The best room heater is dependent on many factors. From the price to the various features that it has. The best type of heater to buy would be the electric heater. They last for a long period and are very safe.

They are also 100% energy efficient. The best room heater brand in India is dependent on the customers and the services that the brand provides. Many famous and known brands provide room heaters and you can select between them according to your list of needs in the heater.

For example, needing an adjustable heater, portable heater, wall-mountable heater, safe-to-touch heater, auto shut off the heater, and many more. There are also many types of heaters like the best room ceramic heater, and so on.

  1. Do room heaters reduce oxygen?

Fan-based room heaters do burn the oxygen and reduce the humidity in the air which can cause problems like dryness in skin and eyes, nostril blockage, the lack of oxygen can also cause suffocation, etc.

But using a humidifier or heaters with good humidity balance.

  1. Is it cheaper to have a gas heater or electric heater?

Cost-wise gas room heaters are cheaper than electric room heaters as gas costs less than electricity but, they are also very inconvenient to use be it in terms of portability, safety, humidity, and many more.

Whereas electric room heaters are best room heaters and price of them compared with gas heaters is also cheap though not as much as gas heaters. But they are far safer, easily portable, many also come with humidity control and such, and are preferred more than gas room heaters.

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