The Best OLED TV in India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

LG 55CX OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV - 65 inches

Eye comfort display
The incredibly thin and classic screen
Supports connectivity feature
40 watts output and Dolby Atmos sound system
Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV - 65 inches

LG 55CX OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

4K HDR processor
Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels
4K resolution (ultra HD) and HDR
video content
Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD OLED TV - 55 inches

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD OLED TV - 55 inches

TRILUMINOS feature for vivid colors
Consists of a HDR processor (4K)
Has wifi features and connectivity

Nowadays OLED TVs are considered the most convenient and easily available technology that provides the user with amazing display quality and features at a budget-friendly price. These are the best OLED TV in India that consists of organic light-emitting diodes that it also helps in providing a wide range of television displays starting from small all and less expensive TV to large and expensive ones.

In this technology, each one of the pixels of the screen emits light when the current is passed shows them. These OLED TV units provide the best black levels as the area where the display needs to be black ensures that the pixels get switched off whereas the remaining portion emits light to provide the user with the images.

Best OLED TV In India – Buying Guide

Before buying the best Oled TV in India for your home and family it is important to make a list of OLED TV brands in India that provide great deals and features. Looking for multiple brands makes it easier to narrow down the options of why choosing the best budget OLED TV in India. 

Factors To Look For While Buying An OLED TV

There are many important factors that one should consider before buying the best OLED TV in India.

●      Size Of The Screen

Before buying a TV unit one should determine whether they want a basic or high-performance TV along with the screen size. Most people like to buy a TV set in which all the necessities of the house and family. One should get it. It is important to consider the budget and space for the TV along with the display size.

The distance between the tv screen and the user should also be considered while choosing the screen size. The best OLED tv in India 55 inch provides its user with high-quality real-world images. The distance between the TV and person should be three times more as compared to the HD Screen’s height and for a 4K ultra HD TV, the distance should be 1.5 times more than the screen.

●      Resolution Of The Screen

The resolution of the screen is determined by the number of pixels that help in making up a picture over the TV screen. People usually prefer the best 4K OLED tv in India that are provided by brands such as LG, Sony, etc. It is preferable to buy a TV that has a higher resolution as it provides a sharper picture along with finer details.

Best OLED TV In India Reviews

 The OLED Tv units have come a long way as compared to the monochrome plasma display due to the massive technological development of screen display that has evolved by bounds and leaps. It has absolutely augmented the experience of watching Tv along with screens that are totally energy-efficient.

Along with this ever-evolving technology of screen viewing and all the features of a Tv unit, the quantum dot display technology of viewing is becoming more popular that has reduced the use of LCD Tv sets. The OLED Tv provide its user with pictures that are very much closer to the real world colors and the advanced features add finer details to the image.

  1. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV – 65 Inches

best oled tv in indiaThis Sony Bravia model is one of the best Oled Tv in India that consists of amazing features that have high picture performance along with intense image highlights. It has an X-motion clarity feature that provides the most refined images over the screen making it appear the same as the real-world objects.

  1. This smart TV consists of more than 8 million pixels that are self-illuminating. This helps in bringing a significant visual experience that provides vivid colors along with black and blur less image and an angle that is absolutely wide making the image appear realistic.
  2. The ultimate picture quality gets paired with the 4K clarity of the TV that provides perfect colored and detailed HDR images.
  3. The features of this TV combined with the ultra 4K HD resolution and HDR video that delivers exceptional details, contrast, and colors.
  4. The TV comes with a HDR processor (4K) that helps in providing extremely detailed pictures.
  5. The TRILUMINOS display of the TV helps in selectively mapping the colors across the screen that provide shuttle colors by developing a backlight ensuring that the picture does not get oversaturated or natural.

It comes with the best audio Technology that usually generates sound from the whole of the screen that minimizes the entertainment experience. This smart TV consists of two actuators at the back of the TV that vibrates the screen in order to create a sound that is absolutely engaging. It also consists of a subwoofer that provides powerful deep bass and syncs the sound and picture to provide perfect oled tv in india

  1.  Lg 55cx Oled 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv

best oled tv in india

The LG 55CX model is one of the best 4K OLED TVs in India that supports 4K ultra HD screening along with features that makes it ideal for people who want more features in an appropriate budget.

  1. The display of this TV is incredibly thin and supports AI 4K upscaling along with an Alpha 9 3rd generation AI processor. The 4K ultra HD measures 3840×2160.
  2. This smart TV supports connectivity features and provides the user with 4 HDMI ports that help in connecting setup box gaming consoles. It comes conveniently and much easier to access. It also consists of 3 USB ports that help in connecting USB devices along with hard drives.
  3. This is one of the best OLED TVs in India that consists of a sound system of 40 watts output along with Dolby atoms that provides high-quality sound and has AI Acoustic tuning. It has a 2.2 ch speaker along with a sound Pro and OLED surround.
  4. The smart tv consists of the AI Thin feature along with built-in Alexa and google assistant. has mini smart TV features including filmmaker mode, free sync premium, unlimited OTT app support, G-sync compatibility, sports alert, and home dashboard along with Apple airplay 2 and home kit.

Another amazing feature that makes this tv the best OLED TV in India under 50000 is the eye comfort display along with slim design and self-lit pixels that gives an amazing experience while oled tv in india

  1. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD OLED TV – 55 inches


This Sony Bravia 4K ultra HD comes under the affordable 55 Inch OLED TV price in India that had great screen build-up. It consists of many features that make this smart tv more convenient and easier to use.

  1. The screen resolution of this TV is 4k ultra HD measuring 3840×2160 that has a refreshing rate of 50 hertz.
  2. It is easy to use as it comes with an amazing connectivity feature that includes 4 HDMI ports allowing the user to connect setup box, gaming consoles, etc. It also has 3 USB ports that help in connecting the hard drive, pen drive, and various other USB devices making it easier to see whatever the user wants.
  3. The sound quality provided by the smart TV is great and includes 40 Watts output.
  4. The other smart TV features included in this unit are the built-in Wi-Fi technology along with voice search and Amazon prime video.
  5. This OLED 4K ultra HD display comes with an X reality Pro and a HDR processor (4K) that there are detail and finer images. The TRILUMINOS display feature helps in adding perfect colors and extra brilliance to provide a great visual oled tv in india

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Which OLED TV Is Best?

LG has been a well-known brand that is considered the best manufacturers of mobiles and TV screens due to their amazing Technology. The LG 4K UHD falls under the category of the best OLED TV in India 55 inches. This smart TV model has a high resolution that is 3840×2160  that increases the quality of the picture and to the user, the image appears similar to real-world objects.

It consists of amazing features 4 HDMI ports along with AI ThinQ Technology, and 40 watt sound output system, and many more. This smart TV can be connected with external devices with the help of the three USB ports making it easier to use for various purposes. This smart TV comes with an OLED Graphics processor which helps in providing an output of high-quality graphics every time the user switches it on.

The 4k cinema HDR display of the TV comes with Dolby vision that consists of a. Alpha 7 intelligent processor. The user can also play wireless sound with the 2 way BT. It comes with a dual step noise reduction feature that helps in providing a clearer picture to the user.

The active depth enhancer helps in analyzing the image that further boosts the contrast ratio that results in an image that has added depth. The true color accuracy feature helps in minimizing the color distortion that allows the user to enjoy the image that appears closer to the original colors and realistic.

  1. Is OLED Better In Sunlight?

OLED  TV has the best emissive display Technology that generates its own light that is mostly contrasting to the reflecting display that uses an external source of light. Paper or LCD examples that block slide any kind of backlight unit to ensure a better display.

The OLED displays usually provide great quality images that are bright and sometimes get readability problems when placed directly under sunlight or any kind of strong light source. With present Technology the display makers have upgraded the OLED that have better solutions for the issues that people face while watching in bright places. Some OLEDs even perform great in direct sunlight when compared with LCDs.

  1. Is Sony OLED Better Than LG?

When it comes to buying a suitable smart tv for home the best OLED TV brands in India are Sony and LG. These brands are trusted by a large number of people and are the best among the top 10 OLED TVs in India. They have a wide range of tv that ranges from small and budget-friendly ones to the larger models that include the best 4K OLED TV in India and even TVs that have 8k resolution.

To maintain the balance of price and capability Sony Bravia 8H OLED model and the LG model namely CX OLED that are considered heavyweight contenders. Both these brands have overlapping size offerings along with reasonable prices that make them the most recognized brands. LG provides multiple choices to the customers that are the display size of 55”, 65″ and 77″ whereas 55″ and 65″

  1. Is OLED TV Worth Buying?

Getting a budget OLED TV in India is worth it if it suits the requirement of the buyer as different people have different ways of utilizing their TV units. Few people like to create home theatres and even play video games. There are many factors that determine whether buying an OLED TV is worth it or not.

OLED TV provides the best picture quality that is usually tested and scored 4 stars. This shelf a message screen Technology consists of pixels that produce its own light. The OLED Tv units have come a long way as compared to the monochrome plasma display due to the massive technological development of screen display. They provide the best image when compared with other types of tv as they give a detailed and finer image on the screen that is very much close to real-world experience.

  1. Is OLED Better Than 4k?

The OLED TVs present its user with the best viewing quality that includes superior blacks along with vivid cinematic colors due to its Dolby vision support technology that makes the image look absolutely the same as the real-world objects. In 4K TV’s, the pixel numbers are double and present across the HDTV along with vertical scanning lines.

The 4K resolution units are said to be full HD where the viewer can only see the pictures without the pixels. Whereas, in the case of OLED TVs pixels play a vital role in creating real-life alike pictures by switching the pixels on or off. OLED TVs usually give the best picture quality when compared with other kinds of TVs that are usually expensive too. One can find more options for models in the case of OLED TVs starting from size and display.

  1. Is OLED Overrated?

The best OLED tv in India provides its user with the best viewing quality that makes it more preferable over any kind of technology such as monochromatic plasma displays or LCDs. They have come a long way due to their evolving technologies and features that help in providing vividly colored images with finer details that give the real-world viewing of the scream.

In many aspects, OLED TVs are overrated, along with various differences that are exaggerated, but it also consists of features and technologies of screen viewing, etc that are indisputable.

The OLEDs provide excellent screening technology along with its near-black handling feature that turns off the pixels when needed to provide proper intense black color.

Another amazing feature of the OLED TVs is that their light intensity can be controlled which makes them ideal for people who have issues with their eyes. In the case of other kinds of displays, this feature is generally missed out. It increases or decreases its light according to the brightness of the room.

  1. Is OLED Good For Eyes?

The OLED units are one of the best technologies when it comes to protecting your eyes. The best feature of the OLED TVs that makes it friendly and ideal for people who have issues with their eyes is that their light intensity of the screen can be controlled depending upon the brightness of the surrounding or room. OLED is considered safe for the eyes due to the amazing features that it has to offer the viewers. These tv sets use screen time that prevents any kind of harm to the eyesight making it preferable.