7 Best Massage Chairs In India Reviews 2021

Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

Full body massage
Suitable for all body types
Digital panel
RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Zero gravity float feeling
One button recline
3 level massage
3 levels of air pressure intensity
GHK H75 Full Back, Neck and shoulder Kneading Massager

GHK H75 Full Back, Neck and shoulder Kneading Massager

Can be used in a car
1 year warranty
15-minutes auto shut-off
Grin Health Full Back Kneading Shiatsu Back Massager

Grin Health Full Back Kneading Shiatsu Back Massager

12 shiatsu massage nodes
Heat function
Ergonomic design
PU leather cover
ARG HEALTH CARE Blueidea Back Massage Cushion

ARG HEALTH CARE Blueidea Back Massage Cushion

Compact & powerful
Shiatsu massage pillow
6 months warranty
12 massage nodes
Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

3 auto programs
LED display
4 customisable massage modes
Removable fabric cover
Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager

Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager

Flexible rubber kneading pads
3 custom massage modes
4 automatic programs
1 year warranty

Do you suffer from regular back pain? Are you spending a lot on spa treatments?

If you can relate to the above questions, you need the best massage chair.

A massage chair comes in handy when you have a sore back or stressed muscles. It helps you to relax and relieves pain from your body. Along with that it also improves blood circulation and loosens tight muscles. Instead of spending loads of money on regular massage therapies, you should invest in a massage chair. It is a one-time investment that will give you long-term benefits.

Best Massage Chairs in India-Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best massage chairs in India, take a look at the list below. We have reviewed some of the best massage chairs you can buy.

Best Massage Chairs in India –Reviews

Now here are some of the best massage chairs in india to get you started!

  1. Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chairs in india

Our top choice is the Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair. The best thing about this massage chair is that it is suitable for all body types. It comes with a powerful head, back, leg, and buttock massage feature to give you the ultimate comfort you want. It also includes the recliner feature that allows you to stretch your body to full length. This makes it one of the best massage chairs for home use.

With this full body massage chair, you can relieve pain and stress from your body. Not just that, but you can also stretch and make your body flexible. With regular use, it can improve blood circulation in your body.


  • It is capable of three simulation massage methods including kneading, tapping, sync with kneading, and tapping. This provides relief from back pain.
  • It comes with rollers installed on the top of the chair to provide you a comforting neck massage. The intensity of the rollers can be adjusted as per your needs with just a press of a button.
  • It is constructed of supreme quality leather that contributes to its elegant finish.
  • It comes with in-built Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to music while enjoying your massaging session.
  • The powerful back, leg, head, and buttock, massage feature is suitable for all body types. With this massage recliner, you can also enjoy a combination of massage techniques.
  • For complete relaxation, the massage chair has a recliner that helps you to stretch and relax your tired muscles.
  • It has a digital panel attached to the seat that allows you to easily control the intensity of the massage rollers to suit your needs.

best massage chairs in india

  1. RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chairs in india

Back pain is a big problem if not taken care of at the right time. It reduces the quality of your life and also interferes with your health. But with RoboTouh Urban Full Body Massager Chair, you can get rid of your back pain in no time. It is one of the best massage chairs for back painIt is based on ergonomics, biomechanics, and model physical therapy.

This full-body massager is designed to give you the best massage experience at home. It will keep your health and make you active every day. Once you get this massager, you don’t have to spend unnecessary money on doctor appointments.


  • The handrail is equipped with a storage box, so you can place your mobile or manual controller and enjoy a better massaging experience.
  • With three levels of massage width adjustable, you can enjoy greater relaxation.
  • The chair features an innovative space-saving structure, so you can easily fit it in a small space.
  • It also has a recliner that helps you to stretch your body and relax your muscles.
  • With multiple position massaging, you can enjoy your massage session more. This enables the massager to provide accurate massage to different points by measuring shoulder height and back width.
  • You can also adjust the air pressure intensity and enjoy a relaxing feeling from top to bottom.
  • With this massager, you can enjoy diverse massage modes including flapping, kneading, shiatsu, knocking, etc.

best massage chairs in india

  1. GHK H75 Full Back, Neck, and Shoulder Kneading Massager 

best massage chairs in india

Instead of just checking out body massage chair price in India, you should directly get one for yourself and enjoy relaxing massage sessions at home. H75 Neck & Back Massager is one of the best massagers you will find. If you regularly suffer from back pain, this massager could be helpful to you.

After a stressful day when you come back home, you can relax and release your stress with this massager. It is convenient and easy to use. It comes with all the features that are needed to make your massaging session enjoyable. The best thing about this massager is that you can use it both in your office and home. But before you think of investing in it, you should take a look at the features.


  • It comes with two different massage nodes which can be used clockwise & anticlockwise.
  • It comes with both an electric charger and a car charger so that you can use it even outdoors.
  • The elastic strap keeps the massager at its place while in use. It can be placed on a chair and fix it with the elastic velcro strap at the back.
  • With the use of this massager, you can relax your back as the massage nodes travel up and down and release your pain. It can also be used to massage your neck muscles to relieve tension and stress.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.
  • It is lightweight and highly portable. You can carry it in your car wherever you go.

best massage chairs in india

  1. Grin Health Full Back Kneading Shiatsu Back Massager

best massage chairs in india

If you are looking for a massager for your upper and lower back problems, then Grin Health Full Back Massager could be the right option for you. With the powerful 3D shiatsu kneading massage nodes it can penetrate deep into your back to loosen your tight muscles. It is also effective in relieving stress, tension, aches, and knots.

It also features an optional gentle warmth to help you unwind after a long tiring day. If you are tired of browsing through the best massage chairs for the money, you can consider buying this one. It has a 4-star rating on Amazon and has also received pretty good reviews.


  • This is an all-in-one strong kneading massager designed for the back, waist, and shoulders. It helps relieve body pain and feels like a real massage therapist’s hands.
  • It features an advanced design that fully supports your lower back. You can convert your chair into a revitalizing massage chair and get instant relief.
  • It comes with twelve individual massage nodes to massage your entire back area. From the upper back to the lower back, it can massage all over your back to relieve pain, tension, and muscle fatigue.
  • It also has the vibration massage option for your thighs and hips. It helps strengthen metabolism and helps you relax.
  • With a handheld remote controller, you can easily customize your massage experience the way you feel the best.
  • It comes with soft and comfortable 3D rotating gel massage nodes to create a real palm-like feel.
  • With this massager, you can enjoy an optional heating function to relax muscle pain and soothe fatigue. It also helps improve blood circulation in your body.
  • You can use this massage cushion on a couch, office chair, or car seat.

best massage chairs in india

  1. ARG HEALTH CARE Blueidea Back Massage Cushion

best massage chairs in indiaWouldn’t it be great if you could carry your massager with you? In that case, you will find the ARG Blue Idea Back Cushion to be the perfect choice for you. It is mainly suitable for people with waist, arms, neck, thigh, and shank issues. With the help of this massage cushion, you can easily relax your body muscles.

This is a new kind of massager that helps reduce fatigue. You can use it on sofas, chairs and even inside a car. It efficiently eases all kinds of discomforts to make you productive once again.


  • It features a compact and comfortable design and is based on the traditional Japanese form of Shiatsu massage.
  • It comes with twelve massage nodes that recreate the circular finger technique to relieve tight knots and muscle aches.
  • It can be used for multi-purpose treatments. With this massage cushion, you can enjoy an intense kneading massage and also stretch out your calf muscles.
  • It is easy to use and gives you a real palm-like feeling during massage.
  • It comes with a heating function that can be operated with a touch of a button.
  • The adjustable strap helps keep the Shiatsu pillow in place and prevents it from moving during the massage.

best massage chairs in india

  1. Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

best massage chairs in india


The Leg Massager is a calming device that kneads and relaxes your muscles. It is a convenient device that gives you parlour like massage experience at home. Coming from the best massage chairs in India, you can trust its quality and performance.

It features an ergonomic design that targets all your sensitive points of the soles. It is best for improving blood circulation and relaxing your whole body. The four flexible kneading disks provide professional massage to ankles and feet. It has extended height for maximum massage coverage.


  • It uses a three-dimensional biometric massage method for foot health. For complete massage action, it has an auto mode, custom mode, and manual mode.
  • With an adjustable seating position, you can recline the massager while sitting and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.
  • It comes with a LED display with touch buttons for easy control. Along with that, it has four kneading disks for a professional massage experience.
  • The removable washable cover makes it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.
  • It offers four customizable massage modes including vibrating, kneading, heating, and rolling.

best massage chairs in india

  1. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager 

best massage chairs in indiaIf you want a high-quality foot massager, then you should go for Lifelong Foot Massager. With this easy-to-handle massaging device, you can get rid of pain, and fatigue at home. It comes with customized operations that help you to focus it on the body parts you need the most.

This foot massager is based on reflexology, which improves skin quality and helps lose weight. It also helps in relieving muscle tension and improves blood circulation in the body.


  • It works on the principle of acupressure that helps stimulate foot acupuncture points to relieve pain.
  • It is designed to adjust your foot and acupuncture points to give you a rejuvenated and relaxing feel.
  • It comes with a heat massaging solution for extreme relaxation. It helps removes fatigue and tiredness in your feet.
  • For easy cleaning, it comes with a removable washable cover with a zip.
  • It has four flexible kneading disks to massage your feet, calf muscles, and ankles.
  • The heat operation helps in relaxing muscle tension and pain. It also has three custom massage modes and four automatic programs.

best massage chairs in india

Having a good massage chair at home can give you plenty of benefits. It will help you relax instantly and release your stress. It is perfect for people suffering from back pain and muscle tightness. You can select from the wide range of massage chairs mentioned in the post. These are all top-rated options on Amazon.


 Which is the best massage chair?

If you want the best massage chair, you should go for the Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair. It is suitable for all body types.

Are massage chairs worth buying?

Massage chairs help relieve back pain, muscle tension, and stress. They are worth every penny.

 Can massage chairs be harmful?

Massage chairs don’t involve any risk and therefore, they are not safe to use.

 What is the price of a massage chair in India?

The cost of the best massage chair price in India starts from Rs 10,000 and goes up to Rs 1, 00,000 or more.

 How do I choose a massage chair?

To choose the best massage chair, you should check its features, durability, and warranty period.

 Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Despite being large machinery, massage chairs don’t consume a lot of electricity.

 Do massage chairs have medical benefits?

Massage chairs can help relieve body pain, reduce fatigue and release muscle tension and stress.

How much does a good massage chair cost?

A good automatic massage chair price in India will cost you around Rs 11,000 to Rs 30,000.

Can you sleep in a massage chair?

Yes, you can sleep on your massage chair, but you shouldn’t make it a habit.

 Where do you place a massage chair?

In your house, you can place a massage chair in the living room or bedroom. Some massage chairs can be used in the car as well.


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