The Best Iron Box in India: Find the Perfect Iron Box for You

Iron box is a necessity in every household. It is needed like any other electrical appliance to make your life easier and comfortable. From morning to night, there are endless clothes that need to be ironed without a pause. The kind of iron you choose would help you ease your everyday chores. We, in this article, would help you get to the best iron box in India.

 Philips GC 1905

Philips GC 1905

Quick filling and emptying hole
Spray feature
linished soleplate
efficient steam rate of Up to 17 g/min
2 year warranty
1440 watts
240 volts operating voltage
 Morphy Richards Daisy

Morphy Richards Daisy

Floral design
soleplate which is coated with American heritage Teflon
temperature control feature
swivel cord
neon indicator
plastic body
 Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP

Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP

non-stick American heritage
C-type heating element
1000 watts
360 degree swivel cord
 Usha EI 1602 

Usha EI 1602

extremely lightweight
Non-Stick Ptfe Coated Sole Plate
cool touch body
Thermostat For Accurate Temperature Control
1 year warranty
1000 watt capacity
instruction manual available
180 degrees cord rotation
1.90 Metre long cord
plastic based body
Bajaj Majesty MX 3

Bajaj Majesty MX 3

Non-stick soleplate
23 steam vents
powerful water spray
360 degree swivel cord
Water tank to store up to 150 ml
vertical ironing feature

Even though you are making use of outside services, we never know when a pandemic breaks out, right? In addition to that of course, you can’t avail of the outdoor services throughout the day or in case of emergencies. And wait; are you able to trust the outside services with their ignorance of your new clothes? Never! Considering this, it always becomes a better choice to be fully equipped at home. The Best iron box in India is something you would need once in a while every few days. And whenever you do, it will be an urgent task or an extremely important piece of clothing.

So, if you don’t have a Best iron box in India already at home, it is time you buy one for yourself and add comfort to your life. The Best iron box in India you would have, the lesser amount of effort it would require on your part by reducing the number of times you would have to move it on the cloth. At the same time, it will give you better results making the clothing look the best it can without any wrinkle or crushed or burnt part.

Having chosen to buy an iron wouldn’t immediately make your life easier since you would then have to look into the hundreds of brands and check them out at another hundred places and finally ending up buying something you wouldn’t even be familiar with. To aid you in this difficult journey, we are here with our expertise to provide you with the appropriate guidance and help you find the Best iron box in India.

It is extremely important to know the basic features of the product you are planning to buy to be able to make a fair choice and understand what you are going to have in the house. Learning technical features is not a child’s play and hence, we have put them up here for you in the simplest way to make you familiar with them. Followed by being enlightened about the features, we would then also take you through some of the Best iron boxes in India which is available in the market to further help you make a choice.

After having read this article, the only task left for you would be to order the Best iron box in India for yourself via the links to the online product which we would provide.

Best Iron Box in India – Buying Guide

Here are listed some basic factors that you must consider while buying your Best iron box in India which will help you analyze your needs and render you off as an aware customer.

Factors to consider while buying the Best iron box in India

  1. The type of iron: The first thing you must analyze is the kind of iron you require. There are steam irons and there are dry irons when your cloths not perfectly dry in washing machine, you would be able to proceed further only having decided on this basic feature. Steam irons are more efficient since they can remove wrinkles very easily even from the most stubborn fabrics in no time. If you want to make use of the iron very often and that too on sensitive or difficult fabrics, you must definitely go for this option. However, if you are planning to use the iron rarely then it will work even if you have a dry iron. All you need to do is look for the best iron in whichever category you like.
  2. Temperature control: Since you would be using the same iron-on very different fabrics, you must ensure that the iron has a temperature control option. If you are looking for a steam iron then there must be an option to control the amount of steam being produced. The more sensitive fabrics would require you to make use of less steam which this feature can insure along with storing the steam for a single and efficient puff. At the same time, if you are looking for a dry iron then the temperature controller would help you in lowering or increasing the temperature of the iron as required for different fabrics. This is an essential factor to be considered so that a single iron equips you for all the various uses and you do not end up burning sensitive fabrics.
  3. Spray feature: If you are keen on ironing the clothes in the best way possible then this is a must for you. The spray feature allows you to spray some water on the cloth you are ironing just before you put heat on it. All you have to do is fill some water in the water container of the iron which is a very easy process, almost similar to filling water in a bottle.
  4. This helps to moisten the cloth and thereby provide you with crispier creases. This is a feature available in both steam irons as well as dry irons. If you want the quality of the Best iron box in India to be better on the cloth, you must look for an iron which comes equipped with this feature.
  5. Soleplate: The main thing which is to be put on your dear piece of clothing is the soleplate of the iron and surely you wouldn’t want it to damage your clothes. Make sure that you are using an iron that has a stainless steel soleplate or any other material which doesn’t stick to the cloth. If you irons made of a ceramic soleplate or other such materials then you would be in trouble as they might stick the cloth and damage it entirely. Always go for non-stick sole plates to ensure the safety of the cloth.
  6. The cord of the iron: When you are using the iron you might have to plug it at a certain distance from where you are ironing. So you must have a cord that is long and at the same time has a retractable cord so that it doesn’t get damaged over time while you are ironing at a distance due to the bends in the wire. Make sure that you are taking an iron which has a retractable cord as it will ensure longevity at the same time helping you to iron with ease at a distance. In this manner, you would not have to dig a hole in your pocket frequently while getting the iron repaired and the entire cord changed.
  7. Weight of the iron: You must also consider the weight of the iron since you would consistently have to hold it and move it on the cloth continually. While looking for an iron, choose the one which is the lightest as it will help you iron even for long hours without causing any kind of a pain in your hands, arms, or shoulders. There will not even be a need to take frequent breaks. The lighter the iron the more ease you would be able to move it with making you iron the cloth with more efficiency.
  8. Automatic shut-off: It frequently happens that you are unable to iron with an absolute focus for long hours, but leaving your iron to be on its own can put you in a tough spot. It might damage the cloth, burn it or cause other accidents also because of the warm soleplate. To help this, modern technology has blessed you with an automatic shut-off option in the irons. Not all irons come with this feature; however, if absolutely necessary you must look for it in case you have interrupted ironing sessions. The automatic shut-off switches off the iron after it hasn’t been used for a period of time further making the soleplate lose its heat eventually bringing down the temperature to the normal level. This would make your iron be safe if you forget it laid on top of a cloth or even if you have forgotten to switch off the iron in the middle of some hassle. The temperature coming down slowly would switch off the iron and prevent any accidents that might have occurred.
  9. Size of the soleplate: If you have no desire to get tired in a big session of ironing clothes, you must look for an iron with a larger soleplate size. The larger the soleplate would be, the more area it would cover and iron at a time thereby reducing the total time you would need to iron an article. If in case, you are considering buying a steam iron then it would be a greater plus for you. You would not only get a bigger soleplate but also more holes for the steam to pass which would iron the clothes in a better manner undoubtedly. The steam would spread more with the quantity of the steam also being increased. However, there is another factor that is linked to the size of the soleplate which is the weight of the iron. If you are opting for an iron with a larger sized soleplate, you must be ready to have a heavier iron too. This is an inevitable thing and hence you must be able to balance out the two, if not, then you would have to compromise with one feature availability in your iron.
  10. Form of the iron: This is yet another factor that is to be taken care of very precisely. Ironing a cloth requires you to have a firm grip on the iron so that you are easily able to move it around. Make sure that the form of the handle is convenient for you so that you do not get tired using the iron for long hours. In addition to this, the other thing you must look for is the ease of access to the other features of the iron.
  11. All the features of the iron are it the steam button, the spray button, or the temperature control options should be at a convenient distance from your fingers so that you can change the settings while using the iron. Having all these benefits, you would be able to use the iron for a longer time with ease and without any strain on your hands or fingers. Always try to opt for an ergonomic handle design which is extremely comfortable for the user.
  12. Wattage: This factor plays an extremely important role in making your iron quick as well as powerful. The more would be the wattage of the iron, the quicker it will heat up and the more it will heat up. This happens to be a more considerable factor in the case of steam irons where the increase in the wattage would help you get more steam along with a higher speed at which you can get it. You wouldn’t obviously want to wait for a long time for the iron to heat up before you can start ironing and likewise, you wouldn’t want to keep the iron for long intervals at a particular place on the cloth for it to get ironed.
  13. To avoid these time lapses you can simply go for an iron which has a higher wattage not less than 1800 to provide you with the best experience. In addition to this, making use of a high wattage steam iron, you would be able to iron even thick clothes and sensitive clothes with ease helping you to get rid of the wrinkles extremely fast. Hence, you must always go for a higher wattage iron, preferably steam iron to make the iron more versatile in its usage.

These were all the factors that you must consider while getting your hands on the Best iron box in India which will make the whole process of choosing an iron much easier for you. After having read these features, you can now assess your needs and start looking for irons that are in sync with your needs. You wouldn’t now have to blankly compare different irons and just pick any of them. Now you are a wise customer, you know your needs and can choose the best clothing iron for yourself.

To further aid you, now we also have a list of some of the best irons you can find in the market. Have a look at the list and we are sure you would be able to decide exactly the iron you are looking for and simply go ahead and order it.

Best Iron Box in India Reviews

  1. Usha EI 1602

Usha EI 1602

Usha is a trustworthy company in terms of many electrical appliances it offers, among which is also its irons. This iron comes with 1000 wattage and is a lightweight dry iron. The quality of the product is superior making it be a part of Amazon’s choice. The unique features of this iron are:

  • This iron is extremely lightweight making it easier for you to use it for longer hours without feeling any ache in your hands, arms or shoulders
  • It has a Non-Stick Ptfe Coated Sole Plate and would keep all your fabrics safe without sticking to them
  • The iron has a cool touch body
  • There is a Thermostat For Accurate Temperature Control making it easier for you to use it in different kinds of clothes
  • You can also make use of the iron for easy ironing under buttons
  • You get a 1-year warranty on this product which would ensure longevity without any additional and recurring costs
  • The iron has a 1000 watt capacity with the operating voltage being 240 Volts
  • You get an instruction manual along with the iron to know about all its features
  • The cord of the iron can be rotated 180 degrees
  • The cord length is 1.90 Metre
  • The iron has a plastic-based bodycheck price
  1. Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron


Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Morphy Richards iron box is yet another extremely good iron for you to lay your hands on. The Daisy model is equipped with all the features you can possibly imagine and hence it also makes it to Amazon’s choice. It is a 1000 watt standard dry iron. The unique features of the Morphy Richards iron are:

  • The iron comes with a beautiful floral design which is sure to add elegance to your home appliances collection making it stand out
  • The iron comes with a soleplate which is coated with American heritage Teflon which ensures that it doesn’t stick to the fabric or burn it, allowing you to glide the iron over the fabric smoothly.
  • There is a temperature control feature on the iron helping you to change the temperature according to the cloth you are using it on which ensures the quality of the cloth to stay intact.
  • The iron is equipped with a swivel cord which allows you to move the iron in any direction you want with complete ease at the same time ensuring that it doesn’t put stress on your hand or wrist
  • There is a neon indicator present on the iron which tells you when the iron is heating
  • The iron has a plastic body which makes it lighter for you to handle and move around with ease without making you tired

check price

  1. Philips GC 1905

Philips GC 1905

If you are looking for a steam iron then Philips steam irons are a must that you to consider without a doubt. Philips is surely a trustworthy company in the appliances arena which has been serving us for quite a while with the best products. The unique features of this iron like the most Philips steam irons are:

  • This iron is the best option for you if you want to have a speedy ironing experience with its fast water filling and emptying feature along with the pointed tip and a smooth gliding soleplate
  • The spray feature present in the iron would definitely be of help to easily remove the creases by moistening the cloth before ironing it
  • The water hole of the iron has a sideways opening door as well as a large hole which helps you to fill water in it with ease as well as in a quick manner
  • The iron has a finished soleplate which allows you to glide it smoothly over all kinds of fabrics
  • The iron gives you steam continuously at the rate of Up to 17 g/min so that you can iron with removing all wrinkles with ample of steam
  • After use, you can also empty the surplus water with ease with the help of the huge hole present
  • The product has a 2-year warranty
  • It has a power of 1440 watts and heats quickly as well more than the normal irons
  • The operating power of the iron is 240 volts

check price

  1. Bajaj Majesty MX4 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty MX4 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Another company which has extraordinary products to offer is Bajaj. The Bajaj Majesty MX 3 comes under one of the Best iron boxes in India. All its extraordinary features are sure to provide you with amazing experience ironing. The unique features of this iron which is one among the best iron for clothes are:

  • The iron comes with a nonsticky soleplate which ensures that it doesn’t stick to the fabric and damage it, thereby providing you with a smoother gliding experience
  • The steam iron has 23 steam vents on a sole plate which gives powerful steam which is also equally spread so that the clothes that you are ironing lose all their creases quickly and get a crisp iron
  • The iron has a powerful water spray option which allows you to moisten the cloth slightly before you iron it making the creases go away faster
  • The iron comes with a 360-degree swivel cord which allows you to move the iron in any direction you to provide ease to your hands and ensuring a firm grip
  • The 360 degrees swivel cord also ensures that the cord does not get tangled or damaged with use and it doesn’t cause pain in your hands
  • The iron has a water tank that is translucent and stores water up to 150 ml to ensure you to have long ironing sessions with a good load of water and steam so that you do not keep wasting time in refilling it
  • The iron also has a vertical ironing feature to make the iron more versatile.

check price

  1. Orient Electric Fabrisoft DIFS10GP 1000W Dry Iron (Grey)

Orient Electric Fabrisoft DIFS10GP 1000W Dry Iron (Grey)

If you are looking for the Best iron box in India, you must definitely have a look at this model which would fulfill all your needs. The unique features of the product are:

  • The iron is extremely lightweight and is efficient in removing creases
  • It has a non-stick American heritage sole plate to ensure smooth ironing without a chance of it sticking to the fabric
  • The C-type heating element ensures a uniform heat distribution
  • The iron has a 1000 watts of power
  • There is a 360-degree swivel cord to make you iron with ease and comfort

check price

  1. Philips Classic GC097/50

Philips Classic GC097/50

This is yet another model from Philips in the dry format if you are looking for the best clothing iron. The unique features of the product are:

  • The iron is equipped with a non-stick soleplate which glides easily over all kinds of fabrics
  • The tip is precise in 3 ways including a pointed tip, button groove, and a sleek nose design
  • The iron has a comfortable handle to provide you with easy gripping
  • The iron is extremely lightweight so that you can use it with ease
  • The iron ensures uniform heating to give you the best results
  • There is thermal fuse protection available against overheating of the iron

check price

  1. Prestige PSI 11.0 Magic Steam Iron

Prestige PSI 11.0 Magic Steam Iron

Your quest for the best iron for steam can also be solved with this magical steam iron from Prestige which is equipped with all the features along with being a cordless iron. You would be amazed at its working which brings it among the best steam irons in India. The unique features of the product include:

  • The iron is equipped with a steam burst mode which makes it efficient
  • The iron is cordless and also has a temperature control option
  • There is a Non-Stick Coated Sole Plate
  • The power spray can help you moisten the cloth
  • There is also an Adjustable Thermostat Control

check price

These were some of the best steam irons in India which are available in the market and are sure to make your quest for finding the best Best iron box in India or without steam.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best iron box in India?

No iron box can broadly be classified as the best iron box in India. The companies that you must definitely consider are Philips, Orient, and Morphy Richards. You can have a look at the list provided by us in the article above to have a look at some of the best irons.

  1. Which type of iron box is best?

The best iron box in India is a better iron box if you are looking for efficiency. To find the best steam iron for yourself you can have a look at the list above which mentions some of them.

  1. What is the best iron 2020?

Philips GC 1905 can be classified as one among the Best iron box in India 2020.

  1. Which is better steam or dry iron?

Steam irons are better than dry irons since they are able to remove the creases quickly from all kinds of fabric making them crisper also. Steam iron with a water spray would be the best option. However, this is an ongoing debate, dry iron vs steam iron.

  1. Which iron box is best?

If you are looking for the Best iron box in India the modern world, you must definitely go for a steam iron box which has a spray feature and a 360-degree swivel cord. It really is the best you can get in the market for now. Some companies such as Orient, Philips, Morphy Richards as well as Bajaj can be considered. You can also have a look at the above stated Best iron box in India to get a fairer idea.