Best Headphones Under 10000: Get the Best Audio Experience!



Deep powerful bass
Bluetooth connectivity
11-hour battery backup
Attached mic and easy controls
 boAt Rockerz 450

boAt Rockerz 450

Bluetooth connectivity
Super extra bass
8 hour backup
Dual connectivity mode
 Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Soft cushion ear cups
Dual equalizer modes
Bluetooth connectivity
20-hour battery back
One-touch calling options
 MI Super Bass Wireless Headphones 

MI Super Bass Wireless Headphones 

Bluetooth 5.0
20 hour battery life
Powerful bass
Comfortable ear muffs
 DUDAO Bass Heads On-Ear Headphone

DUDAO Bass Heads On-Ear Headphone

Snug fit
Flat foldable
super extra bass

In today’s world, every individual requires headphones for a variety of things. From the simple pleasure of listening to songs to soothe yourself, to work-related affairs, you need headphones as a necessary connector to your life. Getting yourself the Best headphones under 10000 can ameliorate your experience and make you have a better time listening to music. 

Listening to music making use of good headphones is sure to lighten up your mood and also freshen you up on a busy day or help you pass the quality time while you are on your way to work. Along with this simple pleasure, there is another work-related requirement of headphones when you need to make video calls to your clients abroad or take up meetings at the office working from home. Not just these reasons, but for the most basic things like playing games on your laptop or video calling your friends in the middle of a pandemic, all these activities require the usage of headphones.  

To make sure that you have fun and are to work with a clarity you are ought to have the best headphones which help in all these everyday chores. Finding the Best wireless headphone under 10000 can be slightly difficult with a plethora of companies offering you many varied headphones with different features. Deciding to buy headphones would not end your work; you then would have to go through the entire process of finding the right ones for you. To make your life easier, we bring to you the Best headphone under 10000 of the topmost brands which you can simply pick up without having to worry about trying 100 of them. 

Let us first start with studying the basic features of headphones which you must be familiar with so that you can analyze your needs and choose the best Bluetooth headphone under 10000 which are following your needs. 

Best headphones Under 10000 – Buying Guide

The moment you decide on buying headphones, looking at the brands, the varieties, and the features would get your head spinning. In such a case it will be a good decision if you study some basic factors that you must consider while buying the best headphones under 10k for yourself. There might be some features you wouldn’t know about which play a big role in your purchase.

Factors to look for while buying the Best true wireless earbuds headphones under 10000

  • Type of headphones: After having decided your range, this would be the first factor that you must consider. You have to choose between on-ear or over-ear headphones, whichever of these is more comfortable for you. 
  • On-ear headphones also referred to as supra-aural headphones are worn on the outer ear without enveloping the entire ear. These kinds of headphones are lightweight as compared to over-ear headphones and allow more ambient noise to pass through them. They usually come in over the head or behind the headband. The advantage of buying these headphones is that they are relatively compact and produce lesser heat on the ears.  However, there are some negatives also of buying these headphones which include less noise isolation, uncomfortable to the ear, leaks sound as well as less powerful bass. 
  • Over-ear headphones: This is the other category of headphones available which is also referred to as circumneutral headphones. These are slightly heavier as compared to the on-ear headphones and are available in both closed back as well as open-back versions. These are the most comfortable headphones which envelop the ear completely and also provide natural acoustic isolation owing to the closed-back feature. The advantages of buying these headphones are that they are extremely comfortable, have a larger soundstage, excellent sound quality, have good isolation as well as a good potential for bass and loudness. However, with the positives come certain negatives which include factors like the added cost, less portability as well as more head deposition on the ear. 
  1.  The next factor to consider is whether you want your headphones to have a closed back or an open back according to which their features are determined. 
  • Closed-back headphones: In closed-back headphones, there is an absolute covering on the outer part of the headphones with no holes or vents which keep the inner voice intact inside and does not let noises from outside affect the person. This might give some unnatural feeling to the music but there is an added advantage of powerful bass output. These kinds of headphones are more suited if you want active noise cancellation while you are travelling in occupied transport mediums and also for recording and audio mixing. 
  •  Open-back headphones: These headphones have more acoustic transparency and allow the listener to hear outside noises. With some space for air to pass, they do not lead to any pressure build-up. They help you listen to more natural music but are not the ideal ones for you if your usage happens to be in the noisier places. These headphones also make the sound of your music travel outside and at the same time let moisture enter inside which might ask you to take better care of your electronics. 
  1. Wired or wireless: Depending on your usage as well as choice, you will also have to choose between wired or wireless headphones, both of which come with separate advantages. 
  • Wired headphones: Though the wired headphones are being constantly taken over by the new wireless ones, they still hold fast to some of their advantages. The sound quality that you get to experience in wired headphones is unbeatable. However, at the same time, there always is a risk of the wire breaking or getting damaged which might spoil the whole set. Along with that, another issue is that these headphones are not supportable with smartphones which do not come with a 3.5 mm jack in them. 
  • Wireless headphones: With the world getting more advanced, this is just another medium in which you can see the advancement. Wireless headphones make your life easier without you having to worry about any wire breakage or jack compatibility. However, the problem in this case is frequent charging up of batteries to keep them working. They also come slightly costly than wired headphones. 
  • Impedance: The impedance of the headphones you are considering to buy should e in sync with that of the device you are going to connect it with. The headphones which have low impedance require a less powerful device to drive them as compared to the high impedance headphones which might need amplifiers to boost them to the best quality noise. 
  1. Sensitivity: If you have a plan to use your headphones for hours, then another factor that you must consider is sensitivity which determines how loud the headphones are capable of getting. Headphones with a very high sensitivity of over 110 dB can damage your hearing abilities due to very loud music and at the same time, headphones with a very low sensitivity of less than 85 dB would be extremely light for hearing. The apt target in such a case would be using headphones with a sensitivity of around 96–110 dB approximately. 
  2. Drivers: This is the factor responsible for converting the electrical signals to noise pressure and helps boost noise, treble, and bass. The larger the drivers, the better would be the overall sound quality of the headphones. 
  3. Comfort and fit: Since you might have to use your headphones for longer hours, they must be comfortable to ensure the best experience. Usually, over-ear headphones are the most comfortable. While buying the headphones you must see that the top of the headphones isn’t digging in your head and that the ear cushions are also comfortable and have memory foam. The normal foam would do too; however, memory foam with a mesh covering would be the best since the leather one can cause heat. 
  4. Sound profile: warm, neutral, and bright are the three different sound profiles that you can find. Choose your headphones according to the sound profile you like. The neutral sound profile headphones are the most sought after but can e slightly dull with all kinds of noises being pushed to the same level. 
  5. Noise cancellation: Active Noise Cancellation is a feature that everyone has now come to expect while investing in a good quality headphone. This is a feature that lets the listener enjoy music at the topmost quality without being disturbed by any outside noises. These headphones make use of an in-built microphone which makes note of the outside noises followed by which counter noises are produced. However, some people do not prefer this technology in favour of a more natural experience. 

Having understood the different features and factors you should have an eye for while purchasing the Best true wireless earbuds under 10000, let us now proceed to have a look at some of the best headphones in this range which are available in the market.

Best headphones Under 10000 Reviews 

1. JBL T460BT 


When looking for anything related to music, JBL stands out to be a company you would have to consider without a doubt. These are wireless headphones with extra bass which also have a mic attached. They are a part of Amazon’s choice since they are equipped with all the features you would want in a headphone. 


  • They have a deep and powerful bass sound giving you an out of the world experience
  • Bluetooth streaming is an available option with this device which can be connected to any Bluetooth device
  • An 11-hour battery life makes these headphones go on for long hours on a single charge taking away your worries of consistent charging. 
  • They are lightweight which makes them easier to carry around
  • Flat foldable feature is present to make them handier while you are travelling 
  • There are easy control options on the ear cup including music calls and call answering as well as a mic to allow you to both manage music as well as take calls easily. 

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2. Boat Rockerz 450

Boat Rockerz 400

The boat is another extraordinary company when it comes to buying headphones which you can trust. These headphones have Bluetooth connectivity with super extra bass and dual connectivity modes which can add pleasure to your life making you listen to soothing music. 


  • These headphones have a Bluetooth connectivity feature which can be connected with any Bluetooth device 
  • You can enjoy the super extra bass with these headphones
  • You can enjoy non-stop music with the 8-hour battery back up on a single charge
  • The headphones are equipped with dual connectivity mode
  • To make your experience smoother and easy for your head, the headphones are lightweight which would not make your head or ears heart
  • The headphones are also foldable for you to carry them around with ease

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3. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Infinity glide headphones come equipped with all the basic requirements and would surely be a good choice you would make with the extraordinary sound quality. 


  • The ear cups of these headphones are covered with soft cushions to be easy on your ears
  • The headphones have dual equalizer modes or both normal and deep bass output 
  • You can stream music with wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • You can play these headphones on a single charge for 20 long hours at optimum play settings
  • You can make calls easily with the hands-free calling feature availability
  • The design of these headphones is such that they are both compacts as well as lightweight 
  • The flat foldable feature makes it easy for the headphones to be carried along while travelling 

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4. MI Super Bass Wireless Headphones 

MI Super Bass Wireless Headphones 

MI is the new company dominating the headphones market with its vast features and efficient costs. These Bluetooth headphones are sure to leave you mesmerized with their excellent sound quality and power back up. 


  • The headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 which is compatible with most Bluetooth devices to provide you with a wonderful wireless experience 
  • With up to 20 hours battery life these would give you unlimited joy on a single charge
  • They come with an extremely powerful bass which would make you fall in love with the music. 
  • Easy voice control and call options to get a good experience with one-touch 
  • The earmuffs are also pressured less to allow you to listen to music comfortably for long hours 
  • The headphones can be used wired and wireless as per your convenience

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5.DUDAO Bass Heads On-Ear Headphone

Boat Bassheads 900

These headphones from the boat are extraordinary with super amazing bass and in-line mic which would ameliorate the music that you listen to wanting you to keep listening to more. 


  • These headphones have a snug fit which provides comfort to your ears for a longer time
  • They are lightweight and can be used for longer hours 
  • The foldable design of the headphones makes them travel-friendly
  • The super extra bass provides you with a dynamic experience to the same boring music
  • There is an in-line microphone which makes it easier for you to attend calls
  • A jack f 3.5mm is present to make it compatible with most devices

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6. Dipinsure Robust 500

Dipinsure Robust 500

These headphones come with a long playtime as well as with SD card support and AUX support which are sure to leave you mesmerized with the sound quality as well as the additional features. 


  • These are 3D stereo sound headphones with a mic 
  • The headphones enable noise cancellation to make you enjoy your music in peace 
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 makes it compatible with most devices
  • There is an extraordinary playtime of about 15 hours to keep you on the go longer 
  • They have deep and punchy bass and are waterproof 

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7. Fire Boltt Blast 1300

Fire Boltt Blast 1300

Boltt is yet another amazing company that can be trusted when it comes to buying headphones. These best wireless earphones under 10000 are equipped with all the features you would want. 


  • They have an HD sound and extremely soft ear cushions to help you listen to music for longer hours
  • 18-hour playtime makes them ideal for a longer usage 
  • The Bluetooth compatibility would allow you to listen to music hassle-free
  • These on-ear headphones are excellently styled with a metal finish back 

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These are some of the magnificent Best earphones under 10000 which you can find in the market. Going through them your research would have been made easier. Now all you have to do is judge your needs and go for the right best Bluetooth headphones under 10000 among these which are following your needs. Finding the best headphones for yourself isn’t sure such a big task if you can understand all these features which have been mentioned above.  You can now listen to music and entitle yourself to the best experience making your days go easy. Getting yourself the best headphones would surely lighten up your mood and provide you with extreme joy in the midst of unfavorable situations. Having known everything necessary, you can now be on your way to buying the best headphones which would satisfy all your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I buy on-ear headphones or over-ear headphones? 

This depends on your usage. If you are to use your headphones for longer hours then surely buying over-ear headphones would e better since they are more comfortable. These headphones also block all the outside noises but can also cause heat on your ears since rarely any air passes by. You can study the pros and cons of buying both these headphones above in the factors to consider. 

  1. Are wireless headphones better than wired ones? 

Wireless headphones are surely better in terms of the ease they provide. You would not have to be bothered by the wire and carry on your tasks more effortlessly. However, wired headphones come with better sound quality at times, you need to assess your priorities. 

  1. Which is the best company for headphones? 

Some good companies of headphones include JBL, Boat, Boltt, MI among many others. However, this is not an exhaustive list. You can check out other companies to see which company is providing you with features that you want to be combined with good sound quality. Above, you can find some extraordinary headphones from different companies which are among the best ones in the market.