The Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 – Get Ready for the Ride!

Gear cycles are becoming the new hep these days with every other person moving around on it. These are the best means of doing so much in so little. You can work out, have fun riding as well as do good to the environment, all in one with the best gear cycles under 15000.  You can entitle yourself to unlimited fun riding a gear cycle that would match the speed you want and provide you with the thrill you require.

 Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Comfortable PU saddle
Stylish alloy lever
Quill type handlebar
Good for city and speed rides
Long-life treaded tires
Double-wall alloy rims
High tensile steel frame
Steel pedals
Cotterless BB set
 Hero Next 24T

Hero Next 24T

18 speed gear.
V brakes front and rear
Dual suspension.
Steel frame.
 Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

Dual suspension.
6-speed gear system.
Solid frame.
Dual V brake system.
Comfortable seat
Anti-skid pedals
 Cockatoo Elite Series 26T

Cockatoo Elite Series 26T

V Break(Both) Front & Rear.
Rear and Front Derailleur With Thumb Shifter.
Leather seat.
21 speed cycle.
Crank Set is 3 Pcs Front x 7 Pcs rear.
Double Wall alloy rim.
Steel frame
 Hero Sprint Growler 29T

Hero Sprint Growler 29T

Hard tail frame.
Front suspension.
Disc brake.
Shimano Gear System – 21 Speed.
Front and rear reflectors.

Going around on the best gear cycles under 15000 would make you experience freedom at best. You would be able to feel the fresh air gushing through your face which would be like meditating in your world. This experience can leave you fresh and motivated for the entire day which is to follow. Rather than going around in cars, riding a bicycle would be a healthier option for both the environment as well as you. If this is one of your passions, then spending some time with your geared bicycle would be the best thing you would want to do the first thing in the morning.

If you are looking forward to buying the best gear cycles under 15000 then you might have to learn a little about the features of the bicycle to ensure that you are buying the best as well as a low price gear cycle which fixes well in your budget. There are a plethora of options among which you would have to choose to make the whole process slightly hard. To aid you, we are here with a list of all the necessary factors that you must be looking for while buying one of the best gear cycles followed by which we would also take you through a list of the best gear cycles under 15000 which are available in the market.

Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 – Buying Guide

The first thing that you are ought to consider while buying a bicycle is its usage. Your bicycle must be in accordance with your usage. If you are looking forward to casual cycling around your premises, then you must go for a cruiser bike. If your purpose is to stay fit cycling, then you must rather go for a road bike or a fitness bike. If you wish to commute on this cycle, then you must go for either a city bike or an electric p[deal assist model. Gravel bike would be the apt choice if you are planning to ride both natural surface trails as well as pavements.  And lastly, if you are looking for something to go completely off-road with, a mountain bike would be the most suitable for you.

Factors to look for while buying the best gear cycles under 15000

  1. Basic specifications of a bike must also be known to you including:
  • Frame: The frame of the cycle is like the heart of it. It must be chosen wisely keeping in mind the height of the rider. The frame comes in different materials including metal, aluminum, steel, titanium, and also carbon fiber.
  • Wheels: This is the other major constituent of a cycle which are made up of rubber tire, the rim as well as of the hub which connects the rim through spokes.
  • Suspension: While going on rocky terrains, you would require protection from bumps which is done entirely by the suspension. These are the front and rear hydraulic shocks that you would need especially in extremely rough terrains. The costlier these suspensions are the lighter and adjustable they would be.
  • Drivetrain: Generally, you would find 12 gears in the back and 1-3 gears in the front. Most of the cycles have a chainring but some of them, especially city bikes have belt drives.
  • Brakes: This is an inevitable requirement while cycling. There are three different kinds of breaks which depend on the kind of cycle you are buying. Coaster hub brakes are present in the beach cruisers, Rim brakes can be found on city bikes as well as high-end road racers and lastly, disc brakes which are cable activated or hydraulic. Disc brakes are heavier but stop better and require lesser force in all conditions.
  • Other parts: There are certainly other parts that act as the contact points to bind the cycle together. These include a seat which s also referred to as saddle, handlebar, stem with variations of flat, curved or dropped and pedals which come in a variation of flat, toe clips and clipless.
  1. Consider your range: You can buy an average cycle that has all the features within a small range such as a metal frame, a basic suspension, rim brakes, cable activated disc brakes as well as a wide range drivetrain. Now if you wish to go for a cycle that has a better suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and lighter wheels and tyres, you would have to fix your budget slightly higher.

These are all the basic details that you are required to know while looking for the best gear cycles under 15000. Followed by this, after having streamlined the type of cycle you want and the features which are extremely essential for you, you must now go on to start comparing the features among different brand to secure the best deal. After deciding the brand also, you must now look for the best gear cycles under 15000, dealer so that you can buy the best gear cycle under your range.

Having studied the factors you must look for while buying the best gear cycles under 15000, now we would take you through some of the best cycles from different categories that are available in the market.

Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 Reviews

  1. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

The hero is a trusted brand when it comes to cycles which have been launching the best quality products for years. This is a rough and tough cycle which comes in a semi-assembled condition which you would have to fix completely. These geared cycles would be ideal for your children.


  • The cycle has a dual suspension which ensures that your kid has a jerk free riding experience
  • The height of the tyres is 20T
  • The gear cycle has a 6-speed gear system to match the speed requirements of your kid
  • The rider height can be adjusted between 4 feet and 5 feet
  • This cheap gear cycle is apt for children of 7-9 years
  • The frame of the cycle is solid making the cycle more durable for a longer use
  • You get extended safety with the dual V brake system
  • The cycle comes with a comfortable seat which is also adjustable
  • The anti-skid pedals of the cycle ensure a firm grip
  • The mudguard present keep the cycle safe from mud in India
  • The cycle comes with a tool kit to help you assemble it

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  1. Cockatoo Elite Series 26T

Cockatoo Elite Series 26T

This bicycle from Cockatoo is a 21 speed mountain bike of carbon steel which comes with a 2-year warranty. The cycle gets delivered in an 85% assembled condition.


  • The cycle is ideal for 5 Feet 5″ to 6 Feet height
  • This gear cycle has a V Break(Both) Rear & Front
  • The 21 speed cycle is equipped with Front & rear Derailleur with Thumb Shifter.
  • There is a 21 speed Mechanical Suspension
  • There is a leather seat on the cycle
  • The Crank Set is 7 Pcs rear x 3 Pcs Front
  • There is a Double Wall alloy rim of the dimension 26″x 1.75″
  • The steel frame of the cycle makes it weigh around 18 kgs

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  1. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

This cycle is one of the best cycles among hybrid cycles with the top rank in the bestseller. Model 1.0 is the original classic bicycle manufactured by OMO in India to make you celebrate cycling in its simplest form. This is stylish as well as a durable cycle which would make you fall in love with cycling once again.


  • This cycle is equipped with an extremely comfortable PU saddle
  • It has a stylish alloy lever with extremely powerful brakes
  • There is a quill type handlebar which also has a comfortable PU grip
  • It has a good geometry for both speed and city rides
  • The tires of the cycle are long-life treaded tires
  • The stylish rims are coloured double-wall alloy rims
  • Made of high tensile steel the frame is extremely lightweight
  • The pedals are composed of steel which provides durability
  • It is equipped with a cotterless BB set which provides an extra smooth ride experience
  • This cycle is stylish and always stands out

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  1. Firefox Bikes Rapide Coral 700C

Firefox Bikes Rapide Corale 700C

Firefox Bikes Rapide Coral 700C is a 7-speed hybrid women cycle that is ideal for adults who are aged more than 12 years. This is a light alloy frame cycle which is both light and durable.


  • This cycle model has an alloy frame that is lightweight and durable for women. It also provides good stability as well as easy reach for the best comfort of women
  • There are double-wall alloy lightweight rims
  • This cycle is equipped with nylon tires and butyl tube
  • The bike has V brakes to ensure power breaking
  • It has a 7 speed Shimano atlas shifter to ensure smooth shifting
  • The minimum rider height is 5.6 feet and the maximum rider height is 5.100 feet.

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  1. Hero Sprint Growler 29T

Hero Sprint Growler 29T

If you are looking for gear cycles with a disc brake, then maybe you have found the right one in this Hero cycle. This cycle is durable and is at the same time equipped with all the features that you would want in your cycle.


  • This cycle has a hardtail frame with front suspension to provide you with an easy ride on difficult and bumpy terrains
  • There is a Shimano Gear System – 21 Speed to provide you with effortless riding experience
  • There are Dual Disk Brakes to provide better control
  • Along with this bicycle with gear, you would get additional exercises which include a stand, mudguards, front reflectors as well as rare reflectors

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  1. Hero Next 24T

Hero Next 24T

This 18-speed mountain bike is the appropriate sports cycle with gear for children between 9-12 years old. The hero is a trustworthy company in this field and this specific model is one among its best cycles. This is one of the best gear cycle for boys as well in India.


  • This cycle comes in an 85% assembled condition with fallen key and spanner present in the box to assemble it
  • This cycle is ideal for children between 9-12 years of age
  • The maximum rider height is 4 feet 9 inch while the minimum is 4 ft 2 inch
  • It has an 18-speed gear
  • There are V brakes both front and rear to provide a better support
  • It is made up of a steel frame
  • There is dual suspension present to give you a good experience even on bumpy terrains

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  1. Geekay kids mountain bike

Geekay kids mountain bike

This mountain bike is apt for kids, especially boys who belong to the age group of 7 to 14 years to carry forward their adventures while ensuring safety.


  • This bicycle has an unmatched design which is sure to win every kids heart
  • It has Alloy Wheels with 4-inch Terrain Tires
  • It is equipped with a Shimano 21 speed system
  • The bicycle has a front suspension to make sure that you have a comfortable ride

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This was a list of some of the best gear cycles under 15000 to make the process of choosing the best one for yourself easier. We are sure that after going through the major factors which are essential while deciding the bicycle kind and having a look at all of these best cycles under 15000 available n the market you would be able to make the best decision.

You can now follow all your adventure spirits by riding your bicycle wherever you want. Once you start on this journey, it is sure to leave you mesmerized and make you fitter than you already are. There would surely be a time when you would see everyone riding bicycles until then it is your chance to rule the world.

Buying the cycle would also become a great experience for you since you would have complete knowledge of the product you are buying and would enjoy the experience. Going an extra mile for something that you like is always a pleasure, likewise, trying out a list of cycles and going for test rides would make the whole experience better at the same time making you overflow with knowledge.

Happy Riding, we are sure you would love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best gear cycles under 15000?

No gear cycle is the best gear cycle. There are surely certain companies which you must consider, for example, Hero. But you cannot classify any cycle as the best cycle since they have to be in tandem with your needs and fulfill all your purposes. To find the best bicycle for you, you must analyze your needs and go through some of the best cycles under 15000 stated in the article above to choose the best one for yourself.

  1. Which is a better cycle with gear or without gear?

The answer to this question entirely depends on your needs. If you are someone who is crazy over speed and wants to live a fast-paced life, the ideal cycle for you would be the geared one. If you wish to go to work and move around the city on that bicycle then you must go for a gear cycle. However, if your purpose is to exercise, you might try the non-gear cycle if you like. If you like things slow and at the same time you want to exercise hard moving the pedals on your own and giving speed on your own, the non-gear cycles would be the best. Another angle that plays a great role here is the cost factor. best gear cycles under 15000 are usually expensive as compared to the non geared ones.

  1. Should there be different cycles for girls and boys?

The cycles which are made for girls generally have a lightweight frame as compared to those made for boys. If you are going to purchase a new cycle, then you must buy the one which goes in accordance with your gender. However, this isn’t such a strict demarcation, you can also use the other genders cycle if can ride well on it. The main factor that matters is your height which should be perfectly in sync with the frame of the cycle. Rest everything is still manageable.

  1. Which is the best gear cycle?

The best gear cycles under 15000 are the one which fits in all your needs perfectly. To be able to reach the perfect gear cycle for yourself, you must first be able to assess your needs well. Followed by having a list of your requirements, you must now go through our list of some of the best gear cycles which are available in the market. The company you must consider is a hero. Check out different brands and go for test rides if possible and would be able to get yourself the best gear cycles under 15000.

  1. What is the difference between the normal cycle and the gear cycle?

The difference between a normal cycle and a gear cycle is vast. A gear cycle as the name suggests comes with gears to increase your speed and get you more of a bike or scooter feel with a combination of it being manual also. You can gain speed on a gear cycle without much effort which isn’t possible on a normal cycle. If you are a fan of speed and wish to get o places quicker, then gear cycles would be the perfect option for you. However, if you want a slow-paced life, go for a normal cycle. Considering the demands of the modern world however, the gear cycles are the new hep that everybody wishes to possess making it a plus on the environment factor as well.