Top 7 Best Air Fryers in India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Healthy eating is a way of life. You choose a healthy lifestyle to advance your life priorities. A guide to a healthier life always starts with the kitchen. The Ingredients you choose, the food you make and the utensils you use, every element brings out the best healthy version of yourself. To reduce the extensive use of oil and making your cooking light, the best air fryers in India comes to your rescue.

 Havells Profile Grande air fryer with aero crisp technology

Havells Profile Grande air fryer with aero crisp technology

Crispier cooking
1700 watts consumption.
Comes with auto-lock function.
Temperature control available up to 200 degrees Celsius.
A two-year warranty is available.
 Kenstar aster Digi 1500 watt oxy fryer

Kenstar aster Digi 1500 watt oxy fryer

Non-stick coat for frying.
Dishwasher safe
Grilling and steaming possible.
A budget model.
Excellent capacity.
Compact design.
 Kent Hot air fryer

Kent Hot air fryer

Dishwasher safe.
Rapid air technology.
Great convenience.
Healthy cooking.
2 liters capacity.
 Prestige 1400-watt air fryer

Prestige 1400-watt air fryer

Comes with digital display.
1-year warranty available.
Safety precautions.
Cooking is easy.
Dishwasher safe.
 Philips Hd9980 air fryer

Philips Hd9980 air fryer

Guarantee from Philips.
Cleaning is easy and dishwasher safe.
Versatile and flexible.
Best controls available.
High compatibility.

Although Fried foods are an all-time favorite, it is important to understand the amount of oil these items soak in. But what are air fryers?  An air fryer is a healthy kitchen appliance that guides you towards oil-free and healthy cooking. Just like your microwave, the air fryer cooks your food with the help of hot air circulation. This is done with the assistance of a small fan that circulates this hot air in and out.

An Air fryer is best used to make food items like French fries, chicken pakoras, and even tasty sandwiches. Ditch the hot oil and turn on the air fryer for significant healthy food cravings. It is best to avoid the greasiness of fried food items by using the air fryer instead to make your food less fatty. In addition to that, food cooked in an air fryer is less in calorie-content and you will instantly notice the positive signs in your body.

Moreover, food prepared with the help of the best air fryer doesn’t require too much oil. It uses less than 10% oil and makes your food a much healthy meal. Although the time taken by the air fryer is a little more than original frying time, you will not regret using the appliance at all. Air fryers are convenient and the best form of oil-free cooking that you can ever come across.

If you want to switch to an air-fryer today, it is time to check on some buying factors. Down below are some details listed about purchasing the best air fryers in India. Let’s quickly check them out!

Best Air Fryers in India – Buying Guide

Oil disposal after you have cooked your favorite fried items is a pretty challenging task. The main reason why you need to switch to an air fryer today is because of the following:

Factors to consider when buying the Best air fryers in India

  • Air fryers absorb less oil and thus is a great appliance for weight watchers. You can eat your favorite snacks while shedding your weight.
  • In addition to that, the food is less greasy. The standard of frying is totally different and the food actually tastes good.
  • Air fryers do not compromise on the quality of food items being cooked. The food is as tasty and crispy as you fried in oil or cooked in the oven.

Keeping all these advantages in mind, here are some tips to choose the best air fryers in India:

  1. The capacity of the fryer-

For cooking your favorite fried food, it is important to understand the basic capacity of the air fryer that you want to purchase. There are smaller capacity models available in the market if you wish to use this kitchen appliance once in a while. The minimum capacity is around 1.5 to 2.5 liters. On the other hand, larger air fryers, with a capacity of 4 to 5 liters are made for buyers who wish to try new recipes with the gadget every day.

If you have a larger family or you need to attend to guests quite frequently, it is quite flexible to go for the bigger capacity fryer. You can always check in with your own convenience when it comes to the ultimate capacity of frying foods in the best air fryers in India.

  1. Budget-

If there is one element that you shouldn’t miss out on, then it has to be the price tag of the air fryer. Buying one of the best air fryers in India and that too within a budget is an accomplishment indeed. When searching for the right model, you must make sure that you get all elements you need within a suitable price range.

The best air fryers in India price is also depended upon the model capacity too. Although some models might look pretty tempting and attractive because of its superior features, it may not be within your budget. Therefore, planning is important when you want to buy an air fryer.

  1. Wattage-

Air fryers generally consume a lot of power. Buyers need to be careful when using the air fryer simply because you need to understand the watt support of your home. Cases of short circuits and other accidents need to be avoided and thus, you must educate yourself on the watt consumption of the air fryer model. With most standard models that are available in the market, a wattage consumption of around 700 to 1400 watts is normal.

Therefore, you should check this with your own home to ensure greater safety. Air fryers with more watts can heat the equipment easily, with hot air cooking the food faster. Therefore, depending on the wattage capacity of your home appliances, you can buy an air fryer that suits your needs.

  1. Consumption of power-

Power consumption is one of the basic elements that guarantee success in the process of buying the best air fryers in India. Now that you know all details about the wattage of the model, it is also important to acknowledge the power consumption unit of the air fryer.

A fryer with 1500watts consumes around 1unit power while running straight for half an hour or 30 minutes to 45 minutes. In addition to that, buyers should know that most air fryers take around 15 to 20 minutes to cook normal foods. Therefore, it can easily consume around half unit of power a day or even less than that. The wattage is directly proportional to the power consumption of the appliance and even helps in saving electricity.

  1. Temperature controls-

One of the crucial factors that need not be neglected in the process of buying one of the best air fryers is temperature controls. Every air fryer model is equipped with excellent measures that can balance the temperature of cooking. The rapid air that circulates in the air fryer has a direct effect on the food being cooked.

An ideal temperature recorded for most air fryers is around 400 degrees. Other than that, there are so many factors that can increase the temperature of the air fryer. It is very much important to cook your food at the right temperature in order to retain the crispiness of your food item.

That is why; air fryers have a digital indicator or light indicator that shows the temperature of your current cooking. You can increase or decrease it as per your convenience. Buyers need to pay attention to the temperature control of the air fryer for the food to be cooked just right.

  1. Controlling options-

When you are buying any kind of air fryer model, it is mandatory to check the controlling options of the gadget. Nowadays, air fryers have witnessed a drastic change in terms of design. You will find most of them with Digital controls, rather than buttons. Even the indicators are digitally shown in the air fryer.

All these elements mark the convenience of the air fryer. Touch screen air fryers look classy, functions easily, and are also equipped with automatic functions. However, buyers can consider their budget and their requirement here and choose the type of controls in the air fryer model.

  1. Safety of the model-

Safety is important and marks a mandatory feature when buying the best air fryers in India. Without compromising on your safety while cooking, a good air fryer is built to ensure 100% support and stops accidents from taking place. Most of the models are insulated to avoid the machine from getting too hot.

In addition to that, some technologically advanced air fryers have an instant cooling feature that cools off the fryer once you are done with your cooking. Plus, when it comes to safety you need not worry about oil bursting out of the air fryer due to its frying basket.

The safety of the air fryer is also related to the anti-slip feature. You do not want the lid of the fryer to skid and fall off. That is why; a special locking system is available to promote security while cooking. The automatic on-off function is also a safe way to avoid too much contact with the air fryer, thereby preventing over-cooking!

  1. List of functions-

A good air fryer comes with an array of features while boasting of its incredible functions. The frying basket in most models has a double mesh feature that avoids excess oil from sticking to the food with the help of rapid air technology. Also, if you are cooking food items like sandwiches, the mesh takes away the crumbs and gives you a perfect looking dish.

The most air fryer also comes with the Dishwasher safe feature too. It is completely safe to insert the air fryer into the dishwasher for cleaning. The exhaust system will remain fine even when you insert it in the dishwasher. You can also clean the air fryer by hand by simply disassembling its parts and assembling it again.

In addition to the above features, you can receive food grade options too. This helps in acknowledging the different functions of the technology to make a model superior. Most air fryers like the Philips and kent models have this feature to support nonstick frying from the best recipe book.

  1. Economical design-

If you are planning to buy one of the best air fryers in India 2020, you need to check the design of the model as well. If you want a small one, it should be compact, less weighty, and economical. On the other hand, larger models are a little heavier while supporting the compactness of the air fryer. Digitally controlled air fryers look better in comparison to traditional models. However, the design of the air fryer has nothing to do with the quality of food being cooked. Thus, you can choose a good fryer model within a decent price tag.

Apart from the above-listed factors, it is also important to take note of the reviews on air fryers to understand the specifications.

Best Air Fryers in India Reviews

To buy your very first best air fryer in India, here are some models that you can choose from-

  1. Prestige 1400-watt air fryer-

Prestige 1400-watt air fryer

While there are so many air fryer models available in the market, one of the best air fryers that leave an indelible impression is the Prestige 1400-watt air fryer. With stylish cooking modes and a digital display panel, this air fryer is best for Indian cooking. The hot air circulates freely and keeps your food crispy even after 30minutes of cooking. Moreover, this model comes with an automatic timer that stops the fryer once the cooking is done.

With a one-year warranty, this air fryer has an overall capacity of 5 liters. Safety buttons are already present in the air fryer and prevent the food from over-cooking. Plus, there is no harm from oil spills and it is avoided due to the lock option. The frying basket is of excellent quality. This air fryer is also dishwasher safe.


  • Digitally controlled.
  • Compact in nature.
  • Best for Indian homes.
  • Temperature control is easy.
  • Safe to use.

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  1. Wonderchef Regalia compact air fryer 1.8litres

Wonderchef Regalia compact air fryer 1.8litres

If you are craving for some excellent fried items and still want to remain healthy, it is time to buy the famous Wonderchef Regalia compact air fryer. Matching the standards of Indian cooking, this air fryer is born to make air frying an incredible experience. It allows the hot air to circulate evenly in the machine to make your food crispy and less soggy. Compact and classic in design, this air fryer will fit into your tiny space in an Indian kitchen.

With a warranty of two years, Wonderchef steals the heart of most buyers with its 1.8litres cooking capacity. The model is light-weighted and temperature controls are controlled with a button. If you are conscious about your health, let this air fryer serve you with delicious items that you cannot resist. A maximum temperature of 200 degrees can be used to cook meat items. Apart from that, this air fryer takes around 10 to 30 minutes as per the item you are cooking.


  • The cooking basket capacity is 1.8 liters.
  • 1000 watts power.
  • Light-weighted and compact.
  • Easy temperature control.
  • Space-saving model.

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  1. Kent Hot air fryer-

Kent Hot air fryer

The Kent air fryer is one of the best air fryers that suits the style of Indian cooking. Updated with nano crisp technology, this air fryer keeps the food moist on the inside while giving you that perfect crispiness on the outside. Due to its equal heating capacity, this air fryer is one of the best-sold models in the market. If you are within a tight budget, this air fryer model will never fail to impress you.

Combined with aspects of different cooking modes, temperature control is very easy with this air fryer. The basket and pan come with safety measures that prevent oil from spilling. Due to its excellent technological capacity, this air fryer is of 1350 watt and promises you an incredible yummy taste of different kinds of food items. For all kinds of cooking like grilling and steaming, this air fryer will make it all happen.


  • Comes with 1a -year warranty.
  • The voltage is 240.
  • Capacity is 2litres.
  • Uses conventional cooking styles.
  • Easy to wash. 

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  1. Havells Profile Grande air fryer with aero crisp technology-

Havells Profile Grande air fryer with aero crisp technology

An air fryer that leaves no stone unturned, the Havells profile grenade model with aero crisp technology supplies the right amount of heat required for cooking. Beating all the challenges of traditional cooking practices, the features worth noting about this model is its digitally controlled panel and 360degree air circulation function. The food is crispier than normal frying and this is because of the context of 10 cooking modes available.

This air fryer is built with an auto-on and auto-off function. Buyers receive a two-year manufacturing warranty card with this air fryer. In addition to the sixty-minute auto-food safety feature turns on the safety lock every time you start cooking. Therefore, embrace the latest frying concept with this air fryer from Havells.


  • The best air fryer for Indian Homes.
  • Aero crisp technology.
  • Better cooking controls.
  • LED displays available.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Basket and pan capacity of 5 and 6.5 liters respectively.

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  1. Kenstar aster Digi 1500 watt oxy fryer-

Kenstar aster Digi 1500 watt oxy fryer

The feature that makes Kenstar Aster Digi air fryer one of the best in the market is related to its non-stick cover. For a model that makes your food deliciously healthy, the kenstar air fryer is the one that you need to purchase today. This air fryer can be used to cook all types of food items that are famous in Indian Households. From pakoras to samosas, this air fryer can cook it all. The capacity of the basket is 5 liters.

Combining the excellence of cool-touch technology, this air fryer is superior and better in terms of safety precautions. The food doesn’t turn out to be greasy at all, as continuous air heating is applicable. Moreover, over-heating is prevented and the automatic role of the oxy fryer comes into play.

It takes around 30 minutes to cook tough foods like meat and around 15 minutes for lighter items. You can trust the overall function of this air fryer as it is a budget model you cannot afford to miss. This model is dishwasher safe and the compact design saves more space in your kitchen.


  • A 1-year warranty is available.
  • Baking, grilling, steaming- all types of cooking is possible.
  • Excellent capacity for frying.
  • Compact design
  • Auto cools off.

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  1. Philips Hd9980 air fryer-

Philips Hd9980 air fryer

One of the best air fryers in India that will not fail to leave an impression is the Philips HD9880 air fryer. Combining all features in one, this air fryer comes with a stable non-stick coating that doesn’t hamper the cleaning process as well. Moreover, this air fryer is dishwasher safe and comes with a superior controlling capacity that instantly gives the details of the current cooking temperature.

This Hd9980 air fryer by Philips comes with a mesh that curbs too much oil from sticking to the food. In addition to that, the food turns out to be crispy. To avoid spillage of oil, the basket is made out of a special ‘’platter proof’’ material that ensures safety. Plus, additional locks are available that can be activated once the food starts to cook. This air fryer model is also compact, versatile and the flexibility of cooking is incredible.

Buyers get a two-year warranty from Philips. Plus, if you need to deep clean the appliance anytime, you can remove its parts and then disassemble it back easily. This air fryer is compatible with all kinds of cooking practices that are normally found in Indian homes. Therefore, prepare for a healthy meal with the new Philips air fryer today!


  • Great for Indian homes.
  • Excellent compatibility.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Incredible controls
  • Compact and easy to use.

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Glen 3046 Air Fryer 2.0L 800 watt White

The all-new Glen air fryer is one of its kinds, with unique controlling features that stand true to Indian cooking. If you are eager to know how to use a glen air fryer, it all lays down to the basic concept of slow frying that retains the crispiness of the items cooked. Moreover, you can also bake, roast, steam along with monitoring the process of your cooking by regulating the temperature.

The best part of this Glen air fryer is related to the cyclic hot air that saves a lot of electricity. The basket attached to the fryer can be removed and washed easily. You can also wash the fryer in the dishwasher too. This model is a mini one and thus, its cooking capacity is not more than 2 liters. Along with that, the compact design is preferred by buyers for saving more space.

Overall, this model is convenient and safe to use under all conditions. You can check out some of the coolest recipes available in the Glen air fryer recipe book.


  • 800-watt power usage.
  • 2-liter cooking capacity.
  • Excellent for small space.
  • Good for baking and grilling too.
  • Crispier cooking.

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The final conclusion: Is air fryer good for Indian cooking?

Air fryers one of the best inventions that are guided by technology. The best air fryers in India aims at serving you the best dishes of the Indian household without compromising on quality. The crispiness of the item, the texture of the food is as perfect as with simple frying. In addition to that, it is absolutely a good idea to use an air fryer for Indian cooking on account of getting the same fried food with less oil. The air fryer doesn’t cook the food unevenly.

Therefore, if you want to ditch normal oil frying, it is time to switch to a much healthier version with the best air fryer in India 2020. Most models also come with their own recipe book that you can try at home. The air fryer successfully retains food taste without letting you down. Buy your air fryer today and enjoy the best non-oily and non-greasy food items in just 30 minutes!


  1. What is the greatest tip for using an air fryer?

To cook fried food with an air fryer, buyers must ensure that there is no hindrance in jot air circulation. The technology should increase better cooking procedures, rather than hampering the process of cooking. Always try to shake the frying basket and remove left0ver crumbs before frying your next batch.

  1. How do I adjust the timing and temperature of the air fryer?

The timing and temperature of the air fryer can be controlled as per the model you choose. Both the touch screen and button options are available. You can regulate the temperature based on the food item you are cooking. If the temperature is too much, the automatic shut-off feature helps to cool down this kitchen appliance instantly.

  1. Which company air fryer is the best?

When talking about the best brand of air fryers, there are so many to watch out for. Buyers can go for brands like Philips, Prestige, and even kent. Also, it is important for the specific features of each brand and chooses the one that matches your taste. The budget is also an important factor here.

  1. What is the cooking time of an air fryer?

An air fryer can easily cook your meal within 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the type of food you are cooking. For items like French fries, sandwiches, etc., the cooking time is around 10 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, fish and meat dishes can take around 30 minutes.

  1. What are the items that can be cooked with the air fryer?

Air fryers can cook a lot of items, starting with vegetable dishes, meat items, baked items, etc. Roasting is also possible with the air fryer. A large variety of Indian dishes can be prepared with the air fryer. If you would like to steam and make items like idli and does, the air fryer can do it all. Therefore, it is totally possible to cook a lot of items with the air fryer. You can follow the recipes mentioned in your air fryer recipe book too.

  1. Where should I buy my air fryer from?

An air fryer can be bought from an online store. You can check out the models available at the nearest electronic store near you. Always stay informed regarding the model you are purchasing for better performance.

  1. Will I receive a warranty for buying the air fryer?

Yes! All fryer models come with a warranty. The time period depends on the brand you purchase. However, the warranty is applicable to manufacturing defects only. In case of damage outside of warranty, you must spend your own money to repair the air fryer.